Nitish Kumar triggers laughter in Assembly with population control theory, Tejashwi defends it as sex education

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Patna, November 7 (IANS) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar left a number of legislators unable to control their laughter and some female members feeling awkward as he explained his population control theory in the Assembly on Tuesday.

Elaborating on the reports of caste survey, he contended that the education of women have helped the state to control the population.

However, his explanation made female legislators feel awkward as he used some risque language.

"After marriages, men ask their wives to establish sexual relations but as we have educated the women in Bihar, they ask their husbands to stop at the right time. Due to this, the population of Bihar is under check," Nitish Kumar said while some of the legislators sitting behind were laughing.

His statements evoked criticism from the opposition BJP.

BJP OBC wing's national General Secretary Nikhil Anand said: "Bihar CM has lost control over his body, mind, and heart. In what abyss will Nitish Ji take Bihar with his stubbornness? The ruling party leaders were laughing with such language of the Chief Minister in the house. They are intoxicated with power and not feeling ashamed."

Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, however, came out in defence of the Chief Minister, saying that he was talking about sex education and people need not to interpret it in a wrongful manner.

"He is talking about sex education and how the Bihar government has done population control in the state. People need not to interpret it in a wrongful manner. Sex education is taking place in the schools and children are learning it," he said.

However, Nitish Kumar has been making verbal gaffes quite often in recent times.

At a public event last week, he claimed that the CPI and the CPI-M helped him in the election he had contested in 1987 - though no election was held that year.

Recently at a Janata Darbar, he asked the officers there to make a call to the Home Minister, leaving them in an awkward situation as he holds the post himself.

In another event, Nitish Kumar termed himself the Union Home Minister and said that when he was holding the post, he gave reservation to sports persons in the department. However, Nitish Kumar did not hold the post at the Centre as he was the Railway and Agriculture Minister there.

On October 12, he had referred to Chief Secretary Amir Subhani as "Chief Mukhya Mantri" before being corrected by officials.