Niuland, Chümoukedima chosen by Swadesh Darshan 2.0 scheme

Kohima, March 3 (MExN): The Ministry of Tourism of the Government of India initiated the Swadesh Darshan Scheme in 2015 to promote sustainable and responsible tourism across the country.

To date, the scheme has approved 76 projects. Swadesh Darshan 2.0, an updated version of the scheme, prioritizes local tourism to make India a self-sufficient tourism destination. The scheme aspires to develop tourism and allied infrastructure, tourism services, human capital development, destination management and promotion, and policy and institutional reforms. Its overarching aim is to engender sustainable and responsible tourist destinations in the country, adopting a destination-centric approach.

The scheme identifies eight major themes for tourism, including Culture and Heritage, Adventure Tourism, Ecotourism, Wellness Tourism, MICE Tourism, Rural Tourism, Beach Tourism, and Cruises – Ocean & Inland.

Two districts of Nagaland, Niuland and Chümoukedima, have been chosen by the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 scheme to be promoted as tourist destinations. Branding and marketing these destinations are significant activities under the scheme.

To attain a unique and distinct identity of the destination and its offerings and to promote them, the Ministry of Tourism's Swadesh Darshan 2.0 scheme called for entries for the 'Logo & Tagline Branding Niuland & Chumoukedima Competition-2023' in December 2023. The competition aimed to design a captivating and memorable logo with a tagline that conveys its unique value proposition.

Thejasetuo Dzuvichu won the Chumoukedima Logo & Tagline Competition with the tagline 'Ecotourism & Adventure Destination of Nagaland.'

He was awarded a certificate of excellence by the District Commissioner Abhinav Shivam, at the District Commissioner's office of Chümoukedima. The logo of Chümoukedima Tourism visually represents the ecotourism and adventure destination of Nagaland, showing a Naga Gate as a sign of welcome and a gateway destination to the ecological, biodiversity, cultural, and adventure experiences for a complete and fulfilling visit to Nagaland.

Thezasezo Rame won the Niuland Logo & Tagline Competition with the tagline 'Discover the untamed beauty of Nagaland.'

He was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the District Commissioner Sara S Jamir at Niuland District Commissioner Office. The logo of Niuland Tourism represents the region's unparalleled diversity.

The Iconic and famous Amur Falcon roosting every year has been the centre of attraction for the Niuland Tourism Logo.

Niuland's vast water bodies with picturesque beauty and abundant opportunities for angling and its scenic farming field and mountainous horizon were best represented on the logo. The logo symbolizes the area's uniqueness and the natural wonders that await visitors.