NLA Assembly Session making a public menace

With due respect, I would like to bring to the notice of the public of Kohima the capital of Nagaland about the traffic regulations manned by the Traffic Police Officers and personnel who are tirelessly performing their duties daily round the clock for smooth flow of vehicles which should be appreciated by all in general without any doubt. But of all the events and situations, it is being wondered why the public in general those who own vehicles should always be victimized during the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) Session by imposing strict vehicular movement in and around the perimeter of the venue, why? Because most of the car owners are office goers coming from different far flung colonies/wards, which ultimately affects the office goers to attend the office in time. The shoppers in the main town between certain stretch is also made No Parking as if the roads are meant only for VIPs with sirens and red lighted vehicles, so where is the space for the general public if the politicians are for the public since we are living in a democratic world.

The question is: Do the Legislatures or the VIPs really think that they are not secured even after they are being blanketed by police bodyguards and escorts with all the sophisticated Kalashnikovs and INSAS automatics etc? Even the shops in and around the premises of the assembly venue are ordered to shut down till the sessions are over as if the shop owners or the shopkeepers would jeopardize the assembly session, what’s this? Is this the way of having every Legislative Assembly session all over the country? Even the movement of the Indian Prime Minister’s motorcade with the top ZZ security never effects the regular traffic movements in New Delhi. So, therefore, let us all hope that the State Government as well as the concerned authority would be more aware and cautious by having concern on applying proper rules and regulations for the welfare of the public in general.

A.Yimzang Ao
New Ministers’ Hill, Kohima