NNC core vision remains, says Adinno

Dimapur, December 30 (MExN): London based President of the Naga National Council (NNC), Adinno Phizo has said that the core vision of the NNC—Our Country is Ours (Urra Uvie)—remained, and that the NNC and FGN will never deviate from the legacy of “ownership of territory free of foreign domination” although it was taking an “awfully long time to end the conflict with India.”

In a New Year message, Adinno stated that as people look ahead in the year 2009, “truth will prevail in God’s own time.” She also stated that with the explosion of information technology and global travel in recent time, younger generation of Nagas need to be aware of increasing challenge on one’s knowledge and self-respect. “For a start, the cohesion of Naga society remarkably stood the test of time because under the aegis of NNC, the reality of Naga identity and Naga nation transcends all differences in Nagaland,” she stated while lamenting that on the other hand, enemy of Nagaland relentlessly harped on imagined history and concocted non-existent events to drive a wedge between Naga society. 

Sending her greetings to people of Nagaland, the NNC President thanked the Almighty God for sustaining the Naga nation despite the “evil designs of the enemy to deny Nagaland’s right to exist.” She stated that Nagas know freedom was worth fighting for regardless of some people unwilling to bear up and foolishly tinker with God’s purpose for Naga nation. “Let us, also, in humility pray to God for His guidance that Naga nation rise above interminable mindless sectarian violence, inconceivably directed against our people in the name of Nagaland for Christ, and stay focus on the real enemy trampling over the freedom of Naga nation,” Adinno stated.

The NNC President pointed out that “Nagaland has confounded the world because of over six decades our resilient Naga people tenaciously weathered the might of India against all the odds.”

“In the world we live in today, no civilised nation tolerate bully or condone the use of force by one country to occupy another country,” she maintained while adding that from the outset, the non-violence path the Naga National Council (NNC) consistently pursued and the Federal Government of Nagaland’s (FGN) unflinching stand on Nagaland sovereignty symbolised an embodiment of a vibrant democratic nation of free will. “And nothing can falter the course whether on account of the unremitting Indian occupation army, or enemy’s divide and rule militarised tyranny preying on a terrorised nation.”

Stating that the people of Nagaland like any people in the world yearn for peace, Adinno pointed out that the “constant militarised tyranny obviously wouldn’t engender” true peace and prosperity. “Even then, perhaps well intentioned, some Naga groups seemingly somewhat blind to tendentious symptoms could be seen blithely chasing for wistful solution all over the world instead of first identify the real cause(s) of the conflict at issue from a critical analysis of the prevailing state of affairs at home.” She maintained that “no reasonable person would trust peace and unity undertaking other than root out the fundamental cause of the conflict, namely, Indian aggression, to pave the way for peace.”

The NNC also viewed that in recent years the GoI brazenly flouted international convention on the pretext that “dallying with an anti-Nagaland non-state actor, at that from outside Nagaland, could lead towards an accord and end the perplex problem in India’s Northeast state.”

“Nothing can be further from the truth”, it stated adding that solution to India’s “problem” against Nagaland is straightforward: Quit Nagaland.

While stating that people will never forget the departed family members, patriots and inimitable leaders for their valiant sacrifices in the just cause of Naga nation, the NNC President expressed shock that in recent years an Indian-sponsored sectarian gang murdered over 2000 (two thousand) NNC and FGN National Workers and Naga civilians simply because of their unflinching loyalty to NNC.