NNC officials respond

Dimapur, May 18 (MExN): Twenty-two officials of NNC have clarified that Kiumukam Yimchungru and his group  has wrongly accused the NNC general secretary.
“… we the undersigned condemned this hate- filled and threatening statement. Therefore whatever K. Yimchungrü and his gang wrote were non-issue and rubbish.  The NNC also warns K. Yimchungrii and his gang the same consequences what they pronounced.  The NNC and its Official/Members stand firmed to face any situation for the sake of the right stand and ever ready to defend the right,” the NNC officials stated in a rejoinder.
The rejoinder was appended by R. K. Yinchungrü, R. K. Among Yimchungrü, Akum Yimchungrü,  Kiukheang yimchungrü Yimchungrü Regional Council, R. Lotha President Lotha Regional Council, Yilow Lotha, Vice President, Lotha Regional Council, L. Lotha, NNC Advisor,  Z. Tacü, President Angami Regional Council, Vidzeze Angami, Vice President Angami Regional Council, Vimetel Sakhrie, General Secretary Angami Regional Council, Khehoto Zhimo, President Sumi Regional Council, Yevishe Sumi, Information & Publicity Wing, Imtisashi Aier, General Secretary Ao Regional Council, Rongsen, President Ao Sub Regional Council, Imotemjen, General Secretary Ao Sub Regional council, Tenlachiba Ao, CEC Member, Absalom Poumai, Poumai Regional Council, T. Rengma, Rengma Regional Council, Y. Rengma, Rengma Regional Council, W. Rongmai, Rongmai Regional Council, V. Nagi, General Secretary NNC and Gen. Retd. I. Panger Walling, Working President, NNC
They also stated in the note that regarding the names mentioned in the “threatening statement of 16th May, some of them are impersonated and not with him”.
“It is a big shame and historic to include the names of those whom K. Yimchungrü condemned just in the month of January this year as self-styled Leaders. This is a big laughing stock.  Whereas the NNC Officials, CEC Members and different Regions mentioned here are all intact and stand firmed. And more Regions and Members are coming forward in full support of the right stand of Dr. Senka, Gen. Retd. I. Panger and Mr. V. Nagi, President, Working President and General Secretary respectively. Therefore, whatever the NNC under the Leadership of Dr. Senka (President), Gen. Retd. I. Panger (Working President) and Mr. V. Nagi (General Secretary) conducted the NNC Meeting is politically right and whatever the House decided and passed is final and in the best interest of the people and the NNC (sic),” the rejoinder  stated.