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NNC Working Prez on current situation

Today, I must write and say that I have humbly accepted the Working Presidentship of NNC in the Home Front for the time being as political necessity demands but I am really sad to see a few NNC members creating disorder in the NNC set up for their selfish end. This is very ugly at this hour of Naga National Reconciliation process going on in the Naga Nation.
     There will be opposition, criticism, defection and so forth. But it is too much on the part of Mr.Kiumukam Yimchungru who was my Vice President in earlier term and in the present term of office from Yimchungru Region. I know him very well that he is an innocent and simple man earlier but when he took over Dimapur area and start collecting money/taxes from public, business man, state offices, etc, he became a changed man. He do not know National Politics but knows collection of money and creating division. We never collect money or tax from the general public but he started this as his business in Dimapur area from last year. The NNC have been time and again notifying to the general public in this connection especially in Dimapur area because in the name of NNC some imposters used to collect money in the past. This has spoil our stand and tarnish our image of National Politics. Mr. Kiumukam Yimchungru is responsible for all this unwanted events.
        Also, this is a mockery for this vested interest and suspended members to expel Mr.. V. Nagi the General Secretary of NNC who works tirelessly for Naga National Unity since early 1980’s. He is a well known gentleman (leader) with integrity who is doing all the NNC works in the Home and National Works abroad. They cannot expel him. They are not the right body. This vested interest members have to be fully exposed if their nefarious activity continues.
          There is no NNC Government till date as being the parent body of the Nagas working and pursuing for a Naga National Government of all the Political Groups. These six vested  members cannot form NNC Government. And nobody will accept this mockery at this hour in the Naga Homeland.
         The situation compelled me to state all these unwanted events but necessity has arise and demands for the NNC stand at this hour.
         Finally, I convene Naga National Council Meeting on 9th April 2011 in Lotha Region at 9 A.M. as the Working President and Advisor of NNC in the best interest of all the NNC members, Central Executive Council members, Senior Leaders, All the different Regional Council Presidents, Officials and especially I personally request the suspended members to come and clarify their stand and amend the wrong and become one body as before for greater interest of all and the NNC. All are requested to attend this important and urgent meeting of NNC positively as mentioned above the date, place, time.

Signed :-
Gen (Retd) I. Panger Walling,
Working President & Advisor,
Naga National Council.