No pressure from US, Israel a sovereign nation: Netanyahu

No pressure from US, Israel a sovereign nation: Netanyahu

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Tel Aviv, December 24 (IANS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel is a sovereign nation and there was no pressure from the US in the ongoing war in Gaza strip.

Netanyahu said this while responding to reports claiming the US was preventing Israel from carrying out operations.

In a statement, Netanyahu said: "There have been reports that the US has prevented, and is preventing, us from carrying out operations in the region. This is not true. Israel is a sovereign country. Our decisions on the war are based on our operational considerations, and not external pressures." He also said that there was no other choice other than to fight.

Netanyahu said that he had spoken to US President Joe Biden and informed him that Israel will continue with the war until it reaches victory.

The Prime Minister, while addressing the Israeli cabinet on Sunday said that "it was a difficult morning after a difficult Saturday" that saw the death of 14 IDF soldiers in Gaza.

Netanyahu's opposition party members have been criticising him, saying the current Israeli government was acting according to US dictum.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu also thanked the US and President Joe Biden for supporting Israel in the UN resolution on Gaza.