Not Forgotten...Mokokchung’s Bloody Dec 27

Limalenden Longkumer
Mokokchung | December 27

The Ao Students Conference tonight organized a candlelight service in Mokokchung town in remembrance of the dark, fateful day of December 27, 1994, when the “worst and the most satanic militancy towards the innocent civilians of Mokokchung town during the last 60 years of Indian Army’s continual action against the Nagas”, took place.

An open letter retrieved by this correspondent from sources, was found addressed to the Secretary General of the UNO, and one to have been submitted by representatives of the citizens of Mokokchung town on January 3, 1995. The letter said that at around 10:20 AM, a few gunshots were fired near the main shopping area in the heart of Mokokchung town which left casualties including one Lt.Col. BK Poonacha of the 16th Maratha Light Infantry of the Indian Army.

“Immediately following the sniping incident, the Indian Army resorted to a sudden, senseless and brutal yet systematic militancy against the civilian population of the town… This blood-curdling nefarious mission of the Indian army was carried out under the command of one Major Deepak Sharma of the 16th MLI”. 

The letter also mentioned of residential buildings as well at the church building being ransacked by the Indian army. “This black history making genocide of the Indian Armed Forces have caused untold suffering to the civilian population of Mokokchung: 89 shops, 48 houses, 17 vehicles and 2 two-wheelers razed to ashes (excluding those destroyed by shelling and gunfire); 7 civilians gunned down, another 4 burnt alive; several women raped…”

A citizen of the town when asked to comment on this incident that happened 14 years ago questioned, “when the Indian Army are resolved to kill the Naga civilians,  does it mean an open endorsement to the fact that Nagaland and India are two separate nations and that India is trying to annex Nagaland into her territory?”

The citizens of Mokokchung turned up at the main traffic area of the town tonight to attend the candle light service. Tongpang Ozukum, the general secretary of the AKM, chaired the service while the president of AKM Bendang Aier spelled out the objective of the program. He also conveyed that the present ‘Ayatai’ monolith will be replaced by a new one soon, by the AKM.