NPCC dismisses Imkong Imchen’s “peaceful” claim

Dimapur, December 26 (MExN): The Nagaland Congress is wondering how Home Minister Imkong Imchen could even claim that the state is “most peaceful” considering the reality of killings, extortion and kidnappings as daily affairs. The Nagaland Congress in a response today, to Imchen’s claims, took strong note of the home minister describing extortion, robbery and kidnapping as “normal crimes”. 

Saying that the assertion of Imchen is nothing short of legalizing crime, the NPCC in its response reminded the DAN government that hundreds of businessmen have already left Dimapur due to extortions and abduction for ransom. “Besides, killing is the daily affairs of the state but he claims that the state is most peaceful; it is a shame on the part of Home minister” NPCC’s vice president Nillo Rengma stated. The NPCC queried the minister what he meant by “normal crimes”. A crime is a crime no matter what and there is no substitute for human life, the Congress reminded the minister. The Congress also took a jab at the minister’s claims that “the situation is under control” just because some few persons were arrested. “Are the people of the state that gullible?” the Congress queried the DAN minister.

The Congress had more reminders for the minister: “if Home minister is implying that Nagaland is ‘most peaceful’ because there has been no recent bomb blasts in Nagaland unlike other parts of India, then it talks a lot about the state of mind of the minister”. The state government is reminded that the minister’s tall claims and the reality are reflections that the NPF-led DAN government completely failed in control law and order and the home minister is responsible. “Therefore he has no moral right to continue as Home minister”, the NPCC reminded.  

The Congress also reminded that, besides anti-social elements, rogue police and bodyguards of ministers are themselves terrorizing innocent citizens. Referring to the health minister’s rogue police bodyguards, who harassed and assaulted law-abiding citizens recently, the Congress had this question for the DAN government: “has the DAN government authorized minister’s bodyguards to take law into their own hands and to harass the innocent public in addition to anti-social elements?”