NPCC: Shurhozelie’s comments on Jamir unbecoming

DIMAPUR, APRIL 10 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has expressed surprise over what it termed as the “unbecoming press statement of Dr. Shurhozelie, NPF President” and that “a man of his stature was most unexpected to talk childishly like that”.  “Dr.S.C. Jamir had merely stated the facts and not praised himself as interpreted by Dr. Shurhozelie. There’s no dispute that Dr. S.C. Jamir is the tallest leader among the Nagas, bringing many laurels to the State. His elevation to the level of Governor was not a mean achievement that could be blown away by venomous breath of a jealous man. He earned name and reputation not just for himself but for the entire Naga people”, stated a press note issued by Aosashi Vice President, NPCC.
According to the NPCC, the “Naga people also knows that, as far as governance goes, Dr. S.C. Jamir was unmatched by any leader of the State” and that “despite having ruled the State as Chief Minister during the most turbulent times, he had run the state of affairs confidently and heralded political stability in the State”. “There can be no two opinions that he is the leader with widest political exposure and experience”.
The NPCC stated that it was “very sad that a senior politician like Dr. Shurhozelie whose entire span of political career has not crossed the borders of Kohima district had all the bitterness to see Dr. S.C. Jamir prosper and shine inside and outside the State”. “If eating an over-ripe fruit is not good for health, eating a rotten fruit with all the germs in it will certainly cause food poisoning. Jealousy is a social cancer that people like Dr. Shurhozelie suffers from”, stated the press note.       
Pointing out that the NPCC knew “very well of how the DAN government came to power in the last two State general elections”, it stated that in “desperation to save its prestige and keep its moral afloat, the DAN may force a repeat of the past modus operandi”. “However, nothing can stop the will of the people. If the NPF has any apprehension about abnormal situation, it is the duty of the government of the day to provide adequate security for smooth conduct of the by-poll”.
The NPCC further stated that failed to understand as to why the NPF was so insecure and averse to the re-entry of Dr. S.C. Jamir into the State politics. “The NPF may be blurred to look at him as an outsider but he is the son of the soil. No matter for how long he was gone to the call of duty in other States, his heart and soul remained with his people in his home State. What is so strange about his return to State politics?” the NPCC queried while adding that the “NPF should learn to reconcile with the reality and put in a brave face instead of braying like a donkey”.