NPF defends DAN over Therie’s comment

Dimapur, January 5 (MExN): An “ex-candidate” of the NPF from Tuensang town today called “inappropriate” that Congress leader K Therie “demanded no trust vote against DAN government.” Appended under designation of “ex-candidate”, L Elam Chang of Tuensang said in a statement today that Therie’s resentment was “without proper analysis” and should be “validated by pure facts.”
Earlier in the media former Naga People’s Front (NPF) Finance minister K Therie had stated that the demand for separate state by the eastern regions of Nagaland is a no trust vote against the NPF-led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) government. Chang asserted that that no political party should attempt at garnering “political mileage from the ENPO demanding statehood.” The “ex-candidate” explained that the 20 legislators of “eastern Nagaland” is “not responsible for ENPO lying down their demand and they should not be made an escape goat in this issue.” (Sic)
On the DAN government acceding a huge 25% job reservation to communities of the eastern district of Nagaland, Chang claimed it was based on “their historical background and looking into their socio-economic educational situation.” Chang even went so far to claim that it was not in ignoring the other tribes and also claimed that “it was for the best interest of the Naga society.”
The “ex-candidate” also explained that the DAN government utilizes the Development of Underdevelopment Areas’ (DUDA) funds not only for the eastern districts but for the others as well. This can be proved by the distribution of DUDA funds and the “utilization recorded” by the department, the NPF member’s statement said.
The DUDA fund is allocated “constituency wise” to elected “legislatives irrespective of party line” and the DAN government should not be held responsible for the “inappropriate workmanship and deliverance as most of the loopholes and developmental activities are in Congress represented constituency.”
Chang advised Therie to “analyze the reality before voicing out your thoughts in public.” The DAN government has “done nothing till now to earn” a No Trust Vote of the public, he claimed.
Ao students appeal to eastern orgs 
Dimapur, January 5 (MExN): Shocked that a demand for separate state for the eastern regions of Nagaland has been floated, the Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) today gave a clarion to the region’s civil organizations, particularly the Eastern Naga Students’ Federation to rather lead the way in brining about the divided Nagas together. The Eastern Naga Peoples organization (ENPO) is urged by the influential students’ organization to reconsider the demand for separate state for the people of Nagaland’s eastern region.
“The Ao Students’ Conference is shocked with the news item ‘declaration of the ENPO demanding for another state’ for the eastern Nagas. It is very unfortunate that such a declaration has to come during the most crucial time when on one hand, the GOI and the NSCN is having a political dialogue for an amicable solution to the vexed Indo-Naga political problems. And on the other hand, Nagas irrespective of different political boundaries, division and factionalism are trying to come to mutual acceptance and unity,” the AKM stated.
A brief statement appealing to the “eastern Naga” leaders was received here today from the AKM.
At this juncture as this, the AKM said, “such a declaration for further division of the Nagas will certainly undermined the hard-earned steps for political settlement with the GOI and also the process of unity among the Naga brethren.”
The AKM has urged the ENPO to reconsider the demands for creation of a separate state and instead find a way to thrash out the differences “if any” with any community, groups “or government”. The AKM acknowledged that the eastern regions do have genuine reasons for their discontentment. “But as a Naga tradition,” the students’ organization stated, “stated we can openly have dialogue and find a solution for long term benefit,”.
“The AKM once again urged upon the ENSF to play a forward role in the ongoing process of the Naga unity. As a student body we can together look into the distant future of the Nagas and carry on the ongoing struggle that our parents have started with dignity, sacrifices and honour.”