NPSC vis a vis Disabled Aspirants

In spite of all the well-trimmed words/phrases that have been in used since the legislation of PWD Act, 1995 emphasizing on empowering the disabled, building up infrastructures for over all inclusion of disables, etc., time and again, our problems have been ignored and narrowed down in a systematic way. To mention few instances

1. Why is the Govt. policy of reservation for disabled not been implemented? It has been made known that the Guwahati High Court has ordered the State Govt. to keep the promised of reservation.

Why then did the NPSC fail to provide space for disabled to mention the category to which they belonged in the Prelim 2006 OMR sheet (if the space given was meant for the marginalized section)? What is more surprising is the announcement made orally in the examination hall the cancellation of certain questions and “do’s and do not’s”. Does this meant that the examinations conducted by the NPSC is only mean for the normal persons, and is not this an insult to disabled aspirants?

2. The exam was conducted without taking into account the accessibility infrastructures for various type of disability. Can we call this kind of competitive exam, a disabled friendly? This kind of discrimination only heightened our alienation from the mainstream.

3. How can disable grow/develop into normal human being when the basic infrastructures_ the gateway to their freedom are not furnished?

We expressed our strong resentment against such an approaches, which are otherwise avoidable without any expenses. It is to be forewarned that we will not tolerate any such callous attitudes in the near future.

Gwazenlo Chung
Tezenchu Semy
(Disabled  aspirants)