NSCN-IM ‘appeal’ NSCN-K to revoke threats to students

Dimapur, Feb 1 (MExN): Joining the ‘sensible and neutral lots’, the NSCN-IM asks the NSCN-K to withdraw the threats issued to students from the four hill districts of Manipur who are about to appear for their examinations under Nagaland school board.

“Finding no other platforms more suitable than this, I take this opportunity to voice my concern and grievances of the aforesaid unfortunates. Also, I join the sensible and neutral lots in appealing the Khaplang group to withdraw the threats served to the Naga students of Manipur under compassionate and humanitarian grounds” Robin Anal of the MIP, NSCN-IM stated. Few days from now on, many of the “love ones” will be sitting for their external examinations and this year’s examination is a historic one, the MIP release stated. “For the first time in history of the Nagas, the intending Naga students from southern Nagalim shall be appearing under Nagaland Board. This is a legacy indeed; but it is unfortunate that few Nagas oppose to it tooth and nail, even to extent of threatening their lives” it lamented. 

The only fault of these students was to “unite with their brothers of Nagalim and jointly continue their studies under Naga pattern of education”. Setting aside their burden of studying Nagaland syllabus which is new to them they are also lumbered with their effort to adjust themselves with the people and place of Nagaland, the NSCN-IM pointed out.

The NSCN-IM also took note of the power situation in the state. Frequent load-shedding is causing untold suffering to the students and the threats issued to the lives of the students have already heightened the fear psychosis in their minds, it stated. The NSCN-IM appeals to the power department to take every possible step to ensure adequate power supply throughout the examination period. The NSCN-IM also encourages the students to take the name of God first as they endeavor and very soon “your sweats will very soon bring smile in your face”.