NSCN (IM) Kyong Region cautions and condemns

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 29 (MExN): While condemning the “barbaric act of the so called ‘Unification’/Kehoi campers in strongest terms” over the attempt on the life of Chipenthung Ezung on December 27, the ‘Central Administrative Officer’ of Kyong Region of NSCN (IM) has cautioned members of the Kyong community in the “Reactionary Camp.” Warning that their every movement was being closely watched, the press release received here stated that retaliatory action may have to be taken on those who do not heed their warning.

The release pointed out that at this crucial juncture of Naga history, while every Naga was striving to usher in peace, unity and reconciliation into its land, the “NSCN (U) (K)” resorting to killings, intimidation, kidnappings and violence was a clear indication that they were puppets to the adversary’s divisive plots to annihilate the Nagas. It stated that the attempt on the life of Chipenthung Ezung, ‘Deputy Kilonser’, MIP, served as an eye-opener to the realities and hidden agendas of the group that shouts relentlessly high sounding phrases and slogans for peace, unity and reconciliation.

Condemning the incident, the ‘Central Administrative Officer’ sought to “leave the rest to the sensible man to understand the true colour and intent of the group which professes unity and reconciliation of the Nagas.” The Kyong Region also sent a strong message to all political parties of Nagalim that they stick to the proclamation of its Yaruiwo Isak Chishi Swu issued on January 13, 2007, adding that it denounced violence in any form whether to its members or anybody in its Lim.