NSCN-IM questions NSCN-K on freedom struggle

Dimapur, Jan 19 (MExN): With the assertion that in the nature of a true Naga patriot, one would approve of the Naga people interacting for an acceptable and lasting solution to the vexed “Indo-Naga-Burma political imbroglio”, the NSCN-IM asks the NSCN-K to clarify if its “God-Father” SS Khaplang is being disowned “in tune to their disownment of Southern Naga brothers of Nagalim”. 

“The proclaimed separatists should also clarify to the Nagas whether they are also ‘quitting’ their God-father S.S. Khaplang, who happens to hail from across the arbitrarily imposed international Myanmar border of Eastern Nagalim in tune to their disownment of Southern Naga brothers of Nagalim” an NSCN-IM MIP release queried. “Is the Khaplangs’ sovereignty confined to Nagaland Statehood purview, excluding all other Nagas?” it wondered, asking why Naga students hailing from across the ‘arbitrarily imposed boundaries’ pursuing their academics in Nagaland is being opposed. 

“Does Kughalu Mulatonu have the authority to give a date-line to His Excellency Isak Chishi Swu to leave Nagalim? He better re-new his self and rue his self inflicting mentality. Khaplangs should define their freedom struggle clearly to the Nagas than issuing money demands to Nagaland State ministers and businessmen, bombing commercial centers and planting landmines in civilian areas, killing innocent students and people, issuing threats to one and all, inciting communalisms, weaving false allegations and indulging in many other anti-Nagai anti-social activities” it stated. Rather than questioning others’ “achievements, it would be appropriate if they reveal themselves to the Nagas” the NSCN-IM opined, while querying what they (NSCN-K) have achieved in all these years of the struggle.

Wondering if offending and threatening Nagas, associating with adversaries of the Nagas or issuing diktats to the people on whims, is a freedom struggle, the NSCN-IM warned that any crime committed on the Nagas would mean the perpetrators “will inherit the Naga people’s wrath and curse that will be regrettable.” Sanity should be given the chance rather than insanity overtaking one, for the Naga people is struggling for a common cause and not for “illusive radicalism of strife and sufferings”, it added.