NSCN-IM reiterates India’s ‘dishonesty’ on Naga issue

Dimapur, Nov 25 (MExN): Reiterating its long-standing assertion that the Government of India is dishonest on the Naga political issue, the NSCN-IM has charged it of manipulating the Naga people and using ‘traitors’ towards that end. 

“Retrospecting the past, India has been dishonest to the Nagas on settlement of the Indo-Naga political issue. She has been deliberately orchestrating the ‘divide and rule’ policy to undermine the Naga peoples’ aspiration” an NSCN-IM MIP release stated. The GoI is manipulating the sincerity of the Naga people on one hand and exploiting “the few opportunist traitors” on the other and from these, keeps sowing the seeds of dissension, communalism, tribalism and factionalism among the Nagas, the NSCN-IM explained. “Thousands of Nagas have fallen victims to that crooked policies – some perished in concentration camps, tortures, diseases, hunger, military custody, rapes, arsons, artificial famine etc. but the spirit of Naga nationalism could not be dampened by them. In the face of this kind of ruthless atrocities committed against the Nagas, they continued their struggle undaunted” the release stated. 

Also, according to the NSCN-IM, the struggle started united with “one mind, one spirit and one political principle” till the signing of the 16-Point Agreement and the Shillong Accord. The two accords are the beginning of division among the Nagas into two camps – “Naga people and the anti-Naga people”. The former stands for the Naga national principle while the latter “advocate for the Indian constitution”, the MIP explained while asserting that the infighting is the result of contradiction between the two “philosophical” camps.

The NSCN-IM cited instances of pro-accord elements assisted by the Indian intelligence staging military coups in 1978 leading to deaths of hundreds. The bloodiest coup was attempted by SS Khaplang in 1988 with the help of the Indian intelligence, it stated. It also cited the “peace offensive” of 1996 which the release stated , killed 36 innocent Nagas; the assassination of DGP Hesso Mao; killing of three innocent public in Kohima; recent incidents at Zunheboto, Chalkot and Athibung etc., which the NSCN-IM stated are manifestations of its rival’s collaboration  with the Assam Rifles. The NSCN-IM also stated “we do not have to fight on account of Mr. Huska (former Sumi Hoho President) which is not an issue at all as it has been officially clarified”. 

In conclusion, the NSCN-IM cautioned Nagas that the enemy is out to tear down the “edifice of Naga politics, to pull back the wheel of the movement and to derail the current peace process so that the Nagas are subdued once and for all”. However, it urged that faith be maintained to the cause. “God is on our side, victory is ours” it added.