NSCN-IM slams ‘pseudo-nationalism’

Dimapur, Jan 12 (MExN): The NSCN-IM resents what it stated is the NSCN-K dictating intellectual Nagas under the threat of the gun, banking on tribal rift and resisting Naga unification. All these expressions are manifestations of the rival group’s “political bankruptcy” and “pseudo-nationalism”, NSCN-IM states.  

Vikato Zhimomi of the Sumi Region, Zunheboto, in a note questioned the rival group’s waging “jungle politics’ through the media. However, it asserts that the Naga people are not moved by the rhetoric made in the local press.  

“Lately, some frustrated Khaplangs have been venting their impoverished politics, trying to dictate the intellectual Nagas through threat and barrel of gun. But it is a fact that no force on earth, be it Khaplang gang can force the Naga people to accept the false” it stated. “Burmese gang leaders like Outhaul Mulatonu, Akato Chophy, A Z Jami and Wangtin Konyak have been making their political bankruptcy statements, or in other words ‘jungle politics’ now and then in the media, but so far not a single Naga soul has been moved by such rhetoric” the NSCN-IM pointed out.  

The NSCN-IM also says that the NSCN-K has resorted to “divide and rule” policy after the people rejected their “jungle politics”. And on this tribal rifts are being exploited, it says. “After Nagas have flatly rejected the ‘jungle politics’ of Khaplangs, now they are adopting the policy of ‘divide and rule’, banking on tribal rift, the politics which has been inherited from their Indian pay masters to stamp out long-standing Naga political issue with India” Zhimomi stated in the release. It noted with irony that while the NSCN-K talk of Naga sovereignty, “rather than fighting the occupational forces, Indian security forces have become their protectors”. It cited as a “glaring example” that Kitovi Zhimomi, second-in-command of the NSCN-K, in Zunheboto and other cadres of the organization in Mon and Athibung being given security by security forces.  

Also, the NSCN-K is opposed to Naga unification and is out to sabotage the peace process, the release says. “So also Khaplangs are dead-against Naga unification. Now the gang is operating with the anti-Naga terrorist groups in Athibung area to create terrorism in Nagaland, aiming to sabotage the Naga political process which is on with New Delhi.    

Despite the fact that several international and national organizations have come out openly in support of Naga cause for early resolution of the vexed issue, Khaplangs have issued a threat and intimidation to them” the NSCN-IM stated.  It appeals to the Naga people not to be swayed by “cheap propagandas of anti-Naga Burmese terrorist gang, which is nothing but pseudo nationalists sponsored and aided by Indian government to destroy the Naga cause.”