‘NSCN (IM) to remain on Reconciliation road’

Morung Express News
Dimapur | December 28 

In a boost to the efforts of peace mediators such as the Forum for Naga Reconciliation, the general secretary of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim Th. Muivah has come on record to state that the group will support the ongoing reconciliation process. 

“Even then, despite the unhappy happenings, we will stand for the reconciliation process”, Muivah stated in a speech commemorating the “50th national service anniversary celebration” of the outfit’s chairman Isak Chishi Swu. Today’s statement comes in the backdrop of reports that the NSCN (IM) had not participated in the last Naga peace summit held at Chiangmai, Thailand in mid-December and the Naga political group meeting in early December at Dimapur. 

Muivah stated that his organization will remain vigilant to see that the reconciliation process is not ‘mishandled or exploited’. Lauding the leadership of his comrade-in-arms Isak, Muivah also dwelled on the theme of forgiveness pointing out that “though to forgive is hard for a human being there is nothing too hard for the Lord”. To do, he said, it must be through reconciliation “simply because anyone whoever might be has to repent and confess whatever crime he has committed in the past”. 

“If confession done is genuine he must be gladly forgiven. We think that is the only way to reach the meeting point”, Muviah stated while reminding that to this end, Isak as chairman with the unanimous support of members, made a clear proclamation on January 13, 2007. “It is now left to the sensible people to understand”, Muivah said. It may be mentioned that Isak Chishi Swu had earlier proclaimed that “whosoever has committed crime against the people and the NSCN is forgiven”. The proclamation went on to urge those groups and individuals, who have committed serious political mistakes in the past, to seek forgiveness from the people.

Saluting his colleague, Muivah recalled how he had come to know Isak for the first time during college days in Shillong. “In course of time I found in him the very point I treasured most and that was the fear of the Lord”, Muivah stated of Isak. “There was not much problem between us. We realized the responsibility that we were to be a part of each other, to set the movement in the right direction that is towards the destination”, Muivah said. He said Isak could hold himself under all circumstances because “he was man who did not allow fear and confusion to overtake him”. 

Muivah also recalled that when the bulk of “national workers” from the Sumi community broke away sometime in 1969, Isak firmly stood his ground and this “act of his inspired many”. Similarly, when the Shillong Accord was signed in the “most treacherous manner”, Isak did not fail to rise to the occasion, Muivah recalled. 

Muivah also had praise for both Isak and his wife Mrs Uster Chishi Swu describing them as ‘God-fearing’. “Right from the start, Mr and Mrs Swu did not stop praying for the nation and that is indeed an inspiration to everyone who loves Nagalim. I should also say that they have run the race through the dangerous and slippery road of struggle all for the sake of our Lord and for the little Nagas”. While expressing pride and joy on Isak’s “50 years of national service”, Muivah expressed hope that the people now and the generations to come will be proud of Isak and his “unsparing sacrifices and the kind of leadership given to the little but tough Nagas throughout the perilous years of the past”.