NSCN-K laments degeneration within Naga movement

Dimapur, Jan 11 (MExN): The Naga political struggle has become perverted, materialistic and tainted, with criminalization of the issue on rise every day and for this, what the people needs now is thorough study into the principles guiding the movement, says the NSCN-K. 

“Are we Nagas succumbing to materialism and worldly riches being deviously offered by India so that our aspiration is abandoned and betrayed? Are we confident enough to call ourselves national workers, when the struggle has become so perverted and tainted with criminalization of our political issue on the rise every day?” queried a joint statement from ‘Brig.’ Niki Sumi and ‘Military Spokesman’ Isak Sumi, of the NSCN-K. 

The NSCN-K calls this for search for remedy: “Let us introspect and retrospect the ideology and principle that has been and is guiding our movement; let us also ponder the extent and intent of sincerity and dedication of the national workers.” Wondering if the Nagas are deviating from the ultimate goal of sovereignty and whether or not Indian constitutional provisions are a sufficient compensation for all losses and sufferings Nagas endured for decades, the statement pointed out the imperative of making ‘contributions’ against negativity. 

“(A) nation is built not in a day or decade but journeys through stages of succeeding generations where each contributes one’s own share.

So what are we contributing in the gradual making of Naga Nation?” the two NSCN-K leaders asked, with a reminder that change in mindset, attitude and modernization do not necessitate burial of a bitter history and experiences fore runners underwent. “What we are today either positive or negative was because of what our elders sacrificed their yesteryears. Similarly, what we are today shall make or unmake tomorrow” the NSCN-K asserted.  

Observing that steps aimed at peace, reconciliation and unity of the Nagas ‘is always sabotaged from within’ the NSCN-K queried if ‘we are simply being ignorant of our plight or are we being strangulated and blinded by threat from these inimical forces from speaking and seeking truth.’

Referring to these “inimical forces”, it stated that ‘countdown has begun’ and the time to ‘separate husk from grain’ is approaching and “we shall never be rooted out from our own soil but invaders would ultimately be sent back to where they originated.”

Despite the sad past and perilous ongoing journey, the Nagas’ future must be secured so they should not be overwhelmed ‘by remorse’ but lay a firm foundation from the ruins and challenging situations so as to prove their unflinching spirit of patriotism, it added.