NSCN-K laments misuse of ‘national worker’, ‘national hero’

Dimapur, Jan 19 (MExN): Lotha Region of the NSCN-K is pained that the NSCN-IM is describing criminals and anti-socials as dedicated ‘national workers’ and this trend, it says, is spoiling the image of “patriots” and “national workers.

Making mention of one SY Lotha (Yisanbemo) of the NSCN-IM being described as a “dedicated national worker”, a note from the ‘Caretaker’ of Lotha Region C Lotha stated that the enduring march for Naga sovereignty has come a long way but the direction it is heading towards remains a question. “For the past six decades, many lives have been sacrificed and property worth millions of rupees spent in the name of sovereignty. But where are we heading for?” it queried. Referring to the above mentioned cadre being described as a dedicated national worker, the NSCN-K Lotha region stated that terms such as ‘national worker’ and ‘national hero’ are pleasing to one’s ears but painful when used to describe “criminals and traitors”. 

“It is ridiculous and very unfortunate on the part of IK terrorist who call themselves as true national workers while indeed they are no better than that of spoiling the image of true patriots and dedicated national workers. If they term AZ Jami and NC Lotha on different demeaning counts what about the hordes of bootleggers, drug peddlers and extortionists who roast the toast in their fold” it queried. Asserting that the NSCN-IM exists by doing business of smuggling liquor, contraband and banned drugs, the NSCN-K Lotha region cautioned that these activities are “some among the many” attributes of “the so-called responsible and upright national workers in the Lotha region”. Every citizen has to “know and boldly come into terms with their own liberties than constantly be subdued under the false threat of these IK terrorists” it stated.