NSCN-K wants ‘inner Bible’ opened

Dimapur, Jan 18 (MExN): Maintaining that “our moral fibers are screaming under tension” and the state government is ‘passing for an inefficient deadwood’ as far as the NSCN-IM is concerned, the NSCN-K desire that Nagas “take up the cross and follow me” (Mk 8: 34) and that that “our inner Bible” be opened. 

“Our regular Sunday attendance and faithful tithing are so cheap to earn us ‘the true Christian’. The Bible we read is useless unless our inner Bible opens; if we want to live out the purpose of true Christian life, the command is loud and clear, ‘take up they cross and follow me” an MIP release from ‘Under Secretary’ Ame Konyak stated. With “our moral fibers screaming under tension, our emotions are running high and our state government is passing for an inefficient deadwood as far as the I-K terrorist is concerned”, the NSCN-K feels that the only option is to take up arms “to ward them off”. 

Also, challenging with the argument that even Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita held acceptance and submission to injustice as a crime, the NSCN-IM just the same termed as injustice one remaining a silent spectator where injustice rules. It has called for a “quick swipe at terrorism”. “For what superiority in qualities should they deny us the right of life in our own homeland? Don’t we have every right to fight for freedom of our own motherland” it queried while questioning if the lives of over 25,000 innocent Nagas are not a number big enough to present as a case of genocide against the NSCN-IM. The release also pointed out that it would be a case of ‘moral bankruptcy’ and “insanity” to allow a dread terrorist to walk into stadiums amidst loud cheer. The NSCN-K advised to resolve against the ‘shadow of terrorism’ to loom over Nagaland at any cost. “We won’t be so close but so far to the truth of Naga nation anymore. In the cause of our nation, we must allow or give way to the truth, faith and action to co-exist” it added.