NSCN (K) welcomes ‘home comer’

DIMAPUR, DEC 13 (MExN): ‘Union Territory-1’ of the NSCN (K) extends warm welcome to Kiyeshe Aye who earlier had been serving in the NSCN (IM).

“We appreciate and acknowledge his wisdom in parting ways with an organization that has already abandoned national principle, ideology and is riddled with corruption, individualism and materialistic ambitions”, stated Akato Chophi, ‘Supervisor Union Territory-1 NSCN (K)’ in a press note.

Stating that at this very crucial moment in the political history of the Nagas where NSCN (K) is struggling to defend and retain the Nagas’ ‘inherent Independence and sovereignty’ against not only foreign occupational forces but ‘inimical forces from within that’s plotting to barter our National rights and aspirations in lieu of their selfish comfort’, the NSCN (K) pointed out that such steps taken by Kiyeshi is a ‘trendsetter’ for others to follow suit. 

“It is our appeal to other Naga comrades to join hands and concertedly pursue our national goal and also cease further blood letting, killings and atrocities amongst the same Naga family”, Akato stated.