NSF taking on issues up-front

W H Maring

It’s a sad, sad thing that a press release of the caliber that badly exposed ones ignorance to issues like a wrong piece at wrong place in jigsaw puzzle has been issued in the name of a Naga youth (Refer “Wanted-an NSF for Students”/Nagaland Page/27th Sept 2005). Before delving deeper into the matter, I would like to express my doubtfulness on the identity of the sender (Kedolhoubi Angami). The statement cannot be from a Naga as given in the paper. If so he is probably new to Naga issue in general and the NSF’s affairs in particular who is just trying to act smart. Better don’t act smart with your limited knowledge on Naga issues and NSF’s affairs please. 

As a concerned Naga and believer of NSF as an apex Naga Students body shouldering great responsibility not only of students’ but also of the Nagas, I am not happy with the criticism, which is totally negative. Presuming that the sender is a Naga (as mentioned in the paper), I for one would like to make the following statement that it’s always better not to have reservation with what tone and manner resentments have to be ventilated. To the NSF, I believe that the interest of the Nagas is higher than that of the officer/individual. Therefore, probably the NSF had no decency or politeness in telling truths in the best interest of the land no matter how bitter it could be to some one. I just don’t understand why a Naga had to make protective statement for the Governor when it is crystal clear of his negligence on issues confronting the Naga society? Or what magnificent things do you think has he done as the head of the state for the society? Or are you impressed with his many good things, which overweighed bad things done for the society? If not for good things what is the Governor being assigned for? When he has been assigned for delivering good things, the question of he delivering good things does not arise. If not for unwillingness to exhume bad memories on the Governor, I also have an archive to rummage for facts. Well why not retrospect together the role played by the Governor that clearly throws his true façade during the students’ upheaval against the appointment of G.D Sharma for Vice Chancellor? Can you remember/agree that he was not the choice of the Nagas in general? When the NSF had approached the Governor (the Chief Rector of the Nagaland University) for his intervention, do you know what was his cooperation towards the NSF? Had he been a responsible and concerned head of the State he could have felt the sentiments of the students’ community who desperately fought for removal of G.D Sharma from the post of Vice Chancellor. Let us also not forget how the University Teachers and students are fighting against G.D Sharma’s administration. How anomalies are being practiced and being tugged under rugs, and how G.D Sharma was denying justice to students and Teachers are the clear witnesses of how judicious is GD Sharma, the protected child of the Governor. Your concept “master cannot commit mistake” is a cliché. Now, the concept acts towards subduing believers of the concept. If you are so adamant and serious about your concept better start worshiping the Nagaland Governor for being the head of the State and be happy. But the younger generation (including me) and I believe the NSF also will not subscribe such concept. 

On NPSC issue, why didn’t you take little more trouble to ventilate your unhappiness towards the NSF rather than keeping it to yourself that may burn you alive? Keep it what you have but let me tell you one truth apart from many: you are the only one who is against the NSF’s involvement in the NPSC issue while the whole of the Naga society appreciates its involvement. Can’t we appreciate NSF involvement due to which many demands of the students’ community could be some how achieved if not all? Why cannot we learn how to appreciate others good works? I also may have collision of ideas with the NSF on many issues but lets not forget that there are different approaches to tackling issues. We just can’t be too pessimist and underrating if our ideas are not subscribed. What you think is that let the bureaucrats play their own games and the NSF keeps mum.  That is not possible to the NSF in particular and the Nagas in general. No matter what, the NSF should not allow the bureaucrats to take future of younger generations in their own hands.            

Though I myself do not appreciate reacting or countering point by point on your destructive press release, I feel necessary this time. Your criticism to the NSF itself shows about your heartlessness and lack of concern for the future generation. When the world is on fire in many places on land, your criticism on the NSF’s involvement in the border issue is very unfortunate. No doubt that your mental caliber compelled you to think that NSF should not interfere in the border issue but it is the acceptance of the Nagas in general that the NGO like the NSF should take up issues like this by being in the forefront or frontline. You also should know how many of our leaders/seniors were arrested, detained and harassed by the Assam Police on border issue. And do you think that was not our war? Else whose war do you think the NSF is fighting for? 

On the economic blockade which was initiated by the ANSAM and latter on intensified by the NSF is concerned, I feel that the genesis traces back to the denial of giving peace a chance in the Naga areas especially in the south where the meiteis desired chaos and confusion, harassment and killing to prevail over the Naga areas. To me it was a revolution against dictation by meitei majority Manipur Govt. upon the Nagas in particular and the tribal people in general. To me it was a manifestation of impending unhappiness of the Nagas over evil designs of the Manipur Govt. to scuttle Nagas aspiration of living under one administrative umbrella. 

I do not think that the NSF officials are claiming themselves as champion in students’ issues. At the same time we also cannot say that the Federation is neglecting students’ issues. Can you tell the people what students’ related issues have the NSF being found neglecting? Are not the serious attempts of stream lining the present education system a students issue? Is it not University issues related with students’ welfare? Is it not superanuation and age tempering students’ issue? Is not bogus appointment a students’ issue?  Is it not NPSC issue related with students’ welfare? Is it not the border issue haunting you and me and the future generations? Whether the NSF could successfully pressurized the Government or concerned authority in materializing the demand, the blame that the NSF is not concerned for students’ welfare therefore the need for another NSF for students is not acceptable at any cost.   

What grudges do you have over the NSF officials, which have made you a staunch rival of the NSF? Anyway, I appreciate your courage for open criticism except for your lack of positive outlook and constructiveness. To extend a piece of mind like the NSF had done to the head of the State; child, grow up to the reality that shows where you will be seen some year from now with such mentality and attitude that the NSF should stay away from those issues you mentioned that seriously confront us.
(The writer is the Speaker, NSF)