NU Tenyidie fiasco: Penalty sought

Dimapur, February 24 (MExN):  A Tenyidie students’ organization has demanded “suitable punishment” for the “VC & his cronies” responsible for Nagaland University cancelling the examination for Tenyidie MIL Paper. The “sabotage” is beyond excuse and the culprits must be given “suitable punishment” the Tenyidie Kephrunuoko Krotho (Tenyidie Students’ Union) said today in a statement.
On the very first day of the undergraduate examinations, the Nagaland University authorities created a mess ‘which had never occurred before’, the organization said.  “The whole responsibility lies with the VC and his cronies. The reason behind this cause was because of the hasty application of the so-called ‘online delivery of question paper’ implemented without facilitating proper training and trail procedures,” an angry TKK stated in the stated appended by its executives.
In addition to the lapses, the TKK stated, a private company that had ‘motive to spoil the career of students’ handled the question paper. “The TKK feels that the sabotage is beyond excusable and the culprits must be paid with suitable punishment to save the career of the students at all cost.”
The claim of Vice Chancellor Prof. Kannan that there was “error in translation” was also rubbished by the TKK. The paper itself was set in Tenyidie and so the question of “translation” does nota rise, the union said. “It is simply an act of willful attempt to discourage the promotion of Tenyidie as an academic discipline of study,” the students’ added.