NVCO strengthens cause for consumer protection

Dimapur, November 25 (MExN): The Nagaland Voluntary Consumer Organisation (NVCO) has once again reminded the State government to strictly maintain proper prices of goods and services during the Hornbill Festival to be celebrated from December 1, 2008, onwards at Kisama. The NVCO also appealed to the business community to maintain correct prices in goods and services during the Christmas season.

Comparing other traders with those in Nagaland, the Organisation assumed that in Nagaland many traders tend to sell their goods at higher prices during the festival season while other traders give discounts on the prices promoting their business and also letting consumers buy their goods. Kezhokhoto Savi, President NVCO, in a press release said that one of the main grievances faced by consumers is that there is no uniformity of prices but the government is least bothered. “The state government is required to set up a competent price control body and even the department of Consumer Protection should be properly set up not like the present arrangement kept or clubbed up to a certain department just for name sake,” the NVCO stated.

Representing the problem faced by the consumers due to “acute supply of gas cooking cylinders in the entire state,” NVCO added, “The state government, particularly the District administration in each district headquarter, should take up this problem and find out as to where and why so much shortage of supply is in this sector.” Further, the Organisation reminded the consumers to be vigilant while buying goods and availing services by taking proper care to check weight, read and understand the information provided on the goods, check the price, and obtain cash memo/receipt, date of manufacturing, date of expiry, quality and quantity, ISI mark, Agmark, MRP, etc.

The NVCO has also expressed gratitude to the Consumer Society Dimapur (CSD) for their initiative in filing RTI application to the department of Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection to ensure accountability and transparency in the concerned department. It also added that the NVCO would give full support to CSD and, in case of not furnishing information or documents in time, the NVCO and CSD will jointly initiate for appeal and further actions.