On burning of effigies

The Post Graduate Students’ Union is amazed by the press statement of the CRDKK dated the 20th of March 2006, which was published in all the local dailies condemning the burning of effigies by the PGSU, which they termed a taboo according to our tradition and culture. Anyway we respect your stand and treasure your knowledge of our rich cultural and traditional values. While understanding your concern, the PGSU is constrained to reaffirm that we are not raising a voice against our culture and tradition but rather, we are raising our humble voice against those people who are actively responsible in contaminating and diluting our culture and tradition. The PGSU is of the understanding that our culture and tradition does not aim to promote corruption and nepotism in society. The PGSU would also like to point out that according to our culture and tradition, corruption, nepotism, irresponsibility in duty are some of the most heinous crimes and those responsible for committing such acts should be punished according to the law of the land. We are unable to comprehend why the CRDKK has conveniently ignored other bigger and pertinent issues and is concerned about the burning of effigies alone. 

As an elderly organization, the PGSU has much to learn from you in the context of traditional and cultural ethos if only for the irreversible fact that the PGSU comprises of your own brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. But it does not commit the younger generation or your children to silence when someone is jeopardizing our career. Being born and brought up in such a rich Heritage contained within the Naga Culture, a culture that has always preached against and pledged to fight all unwanted antisocial elements, the PGSU will not hesitate to strive for the betterment of tomorrow in any way, because we are of the firm conviction that our tradition and culture is not against any section/sections of the society but against corruption and antisocial elements and we will always continue to fight against it. As students, we look forward to our parents, elders and the Naga intelligentsia to consistently give support to our collective struggle against corruption.

Thonsenlo Magh, President, PGSU, NUCK
Keneilel Kevin Rote, PGSU, NUCK Representative to NSF