On office of profit

I have down pat a legendary saying of the Yimchungru (Naga) by the so called Office of Profit that “bears fart and fright themselves and run to their heels.”

The Pandora’s Box opened by the oppositions seems to hunt the openers. Disqualification of a member of legislative assembly under the Office of profit or any decision under Article 192 read with Article 191 of the constitution of India, which came into being w.e.f. 26th January 1950 have not effected the state of Nagaland till date. Why the issue has been elevated only this days? Either the hon’ble elected members were not aware of the act or mayhap forgotten prior to this ardent issue.

The Nagaland Act 1 of 1964 (Removal of Disqualification) that received the assent of the Governor of Nagaland on March 11th, 1964 indicates that the article 192 read with article 191 (1) (a) of the Constitution of India was applicable to the state of Nagaland too. But the Nagaland Act 1 of 1964 had protected the members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly from disqualifications, thereby no member of the NLA has been disqualified so far under the provision of Article 191 (1) (a) of the Constitution of India.

I do not see any reason to make so much hue and cry over this issue in our state just because Jaya Bachan had been disqualified or Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Kiran Kumar; Anil Ambani etc. had resigned from MP ship on moral ground.

If at all these articles/ Disqualifications under Office of Profits effect Nagaland than the Ministers/MLAs of the then Government in 42 years since the Act of our state, those who hold the Office of Profit should be disqualified first before disqualifying the DAN ministers/MLAs. Is it not illogical/irrational?

Let us think and act rationally to safeguard our state, irrespective of the parties that we belong, for the common cause.

N. Chuba Yimchungru