On Quit Notice

It is a known fact that some thing is going wrong in the concept of Naga society because outward action is the photo of inner concept. Had there been no wrong concept, killing one another would not have taken place and had there been no killing among our people, simmering hatred would not have caused social ills such as quit notice served on a particular tribe repeatedly. Being impulsive in doing such thing, there is tendency to overlook rational matters. We must be aware that in any community there are innocent men and women, children and even handicapped persons who do not know what is going on and why they are being affected by the situation. They are our near and dear ones.

By the grace of God, I had not been a silent spectator when Naga-Kuki genocidal war was raging. I went to Imphal and had talks with the Naga leaders as well as the Kuki Inpi and others. The Inpi suggested that the Kukis give up their demand of Kuki Homeland and the fled Kukis are resettled in their villages. I told him that I cent percent agreed to it and it was the only way towards a solution. I was said to be the first peace maker who visited Phaijang village after the onslaught of the village. I went to Athibung and other places in search of the Kuki Inpi and I wrote to them and told them that they should come to terms with the Zeliangrong people. When an agreement could be arrived at between the Zeliang leaders and the Kuki leaders before the Chief Minister, I was behind the screen.

I am ostentatious in mentioning such performances because I want to say my concern about the quit notice served on the Tangkhuls. As stated above, driving out the whole population of a community is a punishment of innocent people which is against the will of God. So this appeal is being made to the NSCN (K) to reconsider their quit notice. On the other hand, in order to avoid repetition of such communal ills, killings should be completely stopped from now on.

Rev L. Suohie Mhasi