On the trail of the first ever mission walk in Nagaland

Dr. Tsuktimeren Ao

Flashback to 1872: 
It was a cold December morning, on the 16th 1872 to be precise when Dr Clark, an American missionary along with Godhula and Süpongmeren escorted by sixty warriors from Molungkimong (Dekahaimong) village began a journey that would change the lives of the Molungkimong people forever. On their arrival, Dr Clark and his comrades conveyed the message of the Gospel to a community that worshipped inanimate objects and practiced headhunting. In what could be only described as a miracle performed by God, the people of Molungkimong decided to abandon the heathen practices that they had held on to for generations for a Christian lifestyle that was preached by Dr Clark. So the long and tedious walk that Dr Clark and his comrades took on 16th Dec 1872 from Sibsagor ( Assam) to the village of Molungkimong cemented the first ever Christian Baptist church in Nagaland. According to records, after reaching the village on 22nd, December 1872 Dr Clark established the first Church of Nagaland in the village of Molungkimong along with the new converts from the village. Since then, the gospel spread far and wide, reaching even the fringes of the state of Nagaland. The changes that Christianity brought to our way of living has been revolutionary and we have never looked back since then. 

Fast forward to 2004.  
To commemorate the revolutionary walk that Dr Clark undertook on 16th December 1872, the Molungkimong Baptist church organised a Mission walk and conference from 16th to 18th of January, 2004 with the theme ‘You are my witnesses Acts. 1.8.’

This was the first ever Mission walk organised in the history of Nagaland Baptist Church. On 16th January 2004, around 51 delegates trailed the same path that Dr Clark and his comrades undertook more than a century back. The walk which covered approximately 60 kms commenced from Sibsagar in Assam with a few stops in Amguri and Tzurang river and finally ended at Molungkimong village, the place where Christianity first begun in Nagaland. The delegates included members of NBCC (Nagaland Baptist Church Council), NMM (Nagaland Mission Movement), Global Mission from USA along with the villagers and people from different parts of the state. The Mission walk was followed by a Mission conference on the 17th and 18th of January 2004 where the former honourable Minister of Tourism Shri Vatsu Meru graced the occasion as the guest of Honour. Through this Mission Walk and conference, the people of Molungkimong and the whole congregation reaffirmed their commitment to God and His mission by endeavouring to instil the pioneering spirit of Dr Clark, Godhula and Supongmeren into the minds of the young people and challenge them to be the successors of Dr Clark and his fellow comrades in this generation. May the almighty God bless abundantly those who have participated in this holy pilgrimage walk for the extension of His great kingdom?