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Open Letter to the Chief Secretary Nagaland

Sub: - Need for introduction of property/wealth tax in Nagaland

•-You might have observed that a New 6-storeyed Commercial Building is coming up at Dimapur between Hotel Tragopan and Old NST office. Arguably, this is one of the biggest private buildings being built in Dimapur. . While we all know that there is rampant corruption in the Govt. system, such shameless show of ill-gotten money does not bode well for the Naga society. Even worse is the fact no one from the Govt. or public make a noise to check all the corruption visible around us. Since the Income Tax act of the Govt of India is not applicable to the tribals of Nagaland; there is no authority to check the legitimacy of Naga people owning properties beyond the scope of their known source of income. As of today, no one questions how politicians, officers and others are able to erect such gigantic structures. Such trend will reach dangerous proportions if left unchecked.
It is time that the State Govt. seriously considers introducing property/wealth tax in the state, wherein the individuals will be required to declare their assets and also give an account of how such assets have been acquired. Tax should be levied as a certain percentage of the value of the asset. Such a step would bring revenues to the state, as also discourage blatant corruption.

Z. Vila Angami
Naga Bazar, Kohima