Over the past year, how do you rate Nagaland Government’s response to and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic? Give reasons

Some of those who voted good had this to say: 
•    Good. Far better than what the central government and Delhi government are doing. Maybe it is because the people are ignorant here.

•    Acted wisely by implementing lockdown within state timely and by helping poor people, students and those stranded person.

•    Overall I would say it was good. There was some near calls and it could have gone bad, but I think the Government did well. It could have been worse.

•    Good. It started off very badly. The government was clueless and disorganized but slowly the government started to organize themselves and with the support of the NGOs and community, they have done quite well. If only they would put the same kind of effort in all forms of governance.

Some of those who voted Average had this to say: 
•    No strict action follow

Some of those who voted substandard had this to say: 
•    Substandard. No tests means no cases.

•    Substandard. I remember the first initial months when the government made hefty claims about the state health machinery being well equipped and prepared...only to be exposed of their greedy dirty reality of us not having any test kits or labs, widely criticized quarantine centers... list goes on.

•    Its starkly clear that the administration has turned a blind eye and they are/were never disaster ready.

•    The government was disorganised and most of the officers were confused or not competent enough to tackle the pandemic with confidence.

•    It was substandard. The civil administration, disaster management and health department workers need to be better trained and equipped. Also one could see there were a lot of coordination gap between the departments.  Lets hope the government has learnt from its mistakes.

•    At first, Nagaland Government should be providing necessary help and assistance to the poor families and those who have lost their jobs. Then comes the role of checking the health sectors, awareness of the people and finally handling of the so called COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of those who voted others had this to say: 
•    It’s complicated, huge amount of Central monetary assistance were announced but we don't know if it's utilised to the full extend. The govt also have failed to issue the problems of short term casual unemployment that arose due to pandemic, also many patients from poor financial background suffered the most as most of the cheaper govt civil hospitals were allocated as COVID hospitals.

•    Others. At this point I would feel safer if the Coronavirus held a press conference to tell us how it's going to save us from government. 

•    Overall I would say it was good. There was some near calls and it could have gone bad, but I think the Government did well. It could have been worse.

•    Negligence and apathy.