Padah Recordings concert at Wokha

Dimapur, January 11 (MExN): 2010 has been an eventful year for Padah Recordings. Jamir, who is the lead singer and partner Sangita of Padah Recordings have been working together in ministering to several Malaysian churches. Many of the churches in Malaysia were for the homeless, drug addicts, abused and the destitute. Jamir with her soulful songs have touched the lives of many people.
Padah Recordings have a concert planned in Wokha, Nagaland on January 15 at the Town Hall at 4:00 pm. This concert is to promote Padah Recordings in Wokha.
Jamir and Sangita have had the opportunity to promote Padah Recordings inaugural album – “His name Is Jesus” to many of these churches. “We saw the inauguration of new churches in Klang, Malaysia as well. The year of 2010 was full of community service and charity and building for our network,” stated a write up send by the Padah Recordings.
For the year 2011, the duo has many things planned for Padah Recordings; they will be concentrating in promoting their album to the United States, UK and Australia. “We will go by Gods leading and direction on which will be the path to start on,” the wrire up also mentioned. Padah Recordings will also be releasing a new album soon. This album will be different from the inaugural album, it is more soulful and heart rendering and talent of Naga have been incorporated in this album. For more information interested people can log on Padah Recordings’ official website