Painting a distorted image of the Almighty

Kedi Haralu

The Naga society has come a long way, since the day the first shot was fired, plus the Naga society has grown and matured, learning from their past mistakes and being more careful in their political deals, parleys and dialogues. As it is a fact, the old school of leaders who had started the fight for complete Sovereignty, has slowly diminished and now a new generation has emerged, whether in the underground or over ground. The tolerance level has also increased tremendously, for as more and more students from outside the State and also outside the country, come back to serve the people of Nagaland and also bringing in new concepts, thoughts and ideas, implementing them becomes a boon. Unfortunately, what the earlier leaders unintentionally or intentionally, brought in one thing which was never a known entity amongst the Nagas. The factional misunderstanding which led to bloodshed was one of the greatest mistakes, for till today we feel the brunt of their mistakes, which can be translated to random killings amongst factions. Since too much blood has been shed, the factions can never unite under one banner, for the hostility amongst them, has made the chasm wider and their distrust within themselves and also between the factions only adds more fuel to the already uncontrollable fire.

We speak of unity and diversity in all our meetings and gatherings thus making the phrase a whore, for in the first place we can never dream of unification, foe they are like the descendents of Isaac and his half brother Esau, for both has been blessed by God equally. Thus the Middleast turmoil is the final result of the animosity between Isaac and Esaus’ descendents, has caused too many bloodshed, hatred and un-forgiveness. What I am trying to say is that both factions believe in one God and both follow the commandments in the Bible and both side fast and pray before carrying out any surprise attacks, so the million dollar question is which side is God Almighty on? It is sadly the same in the political arena, where candidates have prayer groups who fast and pray that their candidate will win. Since both sides are doing the same amount of fasting and praying, it is beyond our human comprehension on whose side the Lord Almighty is on.

The reason I say all this is that Nagas have made the biggest error amongst other Christian States and countries, which being the involvement of our Christian beliefs with politics and also factional struggle for superiority. Living in Nagaland thus makes a man who is not a believer, skeptical towards Christianity, and that is very dangerous, for one day we will have to face Our Creator on judgment day. Instead of winning souls for the Lord, we have successfully painted a distorted image of our beliefs and our God.  We preach about love, peace, honesty and humility. But we have failed to follow up with our deeds. We preach about love and understanding plus tolerance, but everyday there is a confrontation between the factions, some getting seriously wounded while some die of the bullet wound, but all in all they just go back to their hideout and prepare for the next battle. We speak of honesty, but our society is such, to survive, cannot be honest, hence the corruption in the Government as well as the parallel Government, the daily extortion, Robbery, Theft, fraud and illegal activities. It is sad but true. There are many individuals who cry and fast and pray, but as soon as that is done, to go and do exactly what the Bible says not to. The biggest cancerous growth is the lending of money with interest which is beyond any sane man’s thoughts, plus the Society that are fully into this business do not realize it, but families are ruined, marriages are broken and most of the people caught in their web is completely destroyed and stripped off his prestige and pride, for houses are yaken, vehicles are taken and ones property is taken away, by the fast growth of interest, which is not Annually but monthly. I know some money lenders who are very understanding, tolerable and if there is a valid reason, gives the person enough time to pay off their debts, even through installments. But there are some (Mostly from the happy clappy ti-toChurch) knowing fully well that what they are doing is illegal, use force and factions to intimidate and thus get what they want, which is usually a small amount for an asset which values more then a 1000%. Thus the loss of confidence especially on those leaders, who the Society looks to for their protection and to fight for our rights, but unfortunately the Factions do just the opposite, so that they can make some money due to the judgment given. It is usually the borrower who loses the case, for those lending money have their source of income and the right connections, thus with money, one can buy anything or anyone, so as to do the dirty work for these Money Illegal Lending Societies (If it is not a registered financial firm, it is not legal, for the Society Bylaws and Memorandums will never include this point, for they know that is not legal). I know, that once someone comes out boldly and points that this activity is wrong, be it in our custom and tradition or the Judicial System of the Country. The Factions, be it the (IM) or (K) are the only organization that Nagas can hang on to, to see a free and Sovereign Nagaland, thus if they get involved in these activities, they will surely lose the confidence and support of the general public. But if they instead start discouraging this activity and pass an Azha to this affect, the Naga public, especially those in the grass roots will feel more secure and continue to strengthen the mandate of the people they are fighting for.

In Conclusion the Naga Society has matured and the people have realized that just taking up arms will not help us win against a foe who have no qualms in sending in battalion after battalion, for India is over crowded, thus the easy availability of men and women to send as reinforcement to a small nation with hardly three million people. Therefore we cannot afford to play with numbers and we should stop reacting from the heart (blind passion) but instead start reacting and planning using our wit and prudence, in which Nagas are much more superior then their foe. Economic development and being up to date with the latest technology will be the solution to our political problem, for the day we stop being financially supported by the Indian Government, who takes us as a poor, welfare State, and start depending on our own resources and manpower, we can start dictating terms with New Delhi. Advanced State like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerela et cetera, do not depend on the Centers coffers and they usually do deals with multi-nation corporations and companies directly, instead of going through the Central Ministry, thus they can do as they like, making the people of these States proud of their heritage, Culture and History. It is only when we come to this level, then we can speak about Freedom and Independence.