Performance of Doyang Hydro Electric project

The editorial with the caption “Power that disturbs and frustrates” in one of the leading English local dailies dated 11.02.06, which was repeated in the following day’s issue also, stated that in respect of the Doyang Hydro Electric Project “…only a portion is scarcely functional. Some people have become millionaires out of the project, which, if anything, could turn out to be a ghost.”

The project was very successfully completed and commissioned in all aspects, and is fully operational, which is a fait accompli. All the three Units of Doyang Power Station have been continuously generating the required power since its commissioning in June 2000. For the year 2004-05, its generation exceeded the target by 45%, generating 254 Million Units for which the Doyang H.E. Plant was awarded “The Best O & M Plant”, and was commended by the Vice President of India for the good performance. Whether the project is able to meet the power requirement of Nagaland State or not, is quite another question as it is the matter of power distribution policy which is not discussed here. It is also a fact that the project construction was completed with efficient and responsible use of every available fund.

It is extremely painful and unfortunate that absolutely baseless and irresponsible statements were given out in the editorial of the local daily. Such incorrect statement and wild charges made without any effort to ascertain facts are indeed most regrettable. It is hoped that the news media will make efforts to ensure that the general public are kept correctly informed.

V Sangma
PR Wing, DHEP, Doyang