Police shuts down night mela after 1 night

Morung Express News
Dimapur | December 5

Dimapur police shut down a night carnival, which was on at the Naga Shopping Arcade (Super Market), for failing preconditions. 

An inescapable feature of the festive season, night carnivals in Dimapur begin to rear by the end of November till Christmas or the New Year. A lucrative occasion for small time entrepreneurs, various organisations vie for a shot at holding melas (carnival) at the said venue for a set duration before another takes the place. 

One such organisation was not as fortunate as it had to shut shop prematurely after the police cancelled the licence to operate the carnival owing to noise complaints and opening well beyond the stipulated hours. The three-day permit lasted for only one night. 

According to a Dimapur police official, the permit was cancelled after the first night as the operators failed to maintain the 5:00-10:00 pm opening hours. Visitors also got reportedly noisy and rowdy. 

“Apprehending law and order situation, we cancelled the permit,” said the official, while informing that the guidelines for holding such events will have to be “reviewed for stricter implementation.”