Power dept revenue collection improves

Nagaland Power Minister Doshehe Y. Sema seen briefing the media during the press conference held at Power House, Kuda Village on May 26. (Sorei Mahong Photo)
Dimapur, May 26 (MExN):  The State Power department announced today that it has seen an improved collection of revenue for the financial year 2010-2011. Minister for Power, Doshehe Y Sema announced at a press conference in Dimapur that the department has earned a revenue of ` 85.42 crore for the financial year as compared to ` 73.64 crore during 2009-2010. However, it also incurred a loss of ` 75.1 crore against an amount of ` 160.43 crore paid for power purchase from CPSUs and Likimro. 
State unable to attract investors due to fear factor
The improved revenue collection is mainly from the urban sector, Sema said. He attributed the improvement to the district administration, police and department officials, who took painstaking efforts to curb power theft, the primary reason for power shortage in the urban areas. In the rural sector, he said that communitisation has been very effective and there is more awareness on energy conservation among rural public. Communitisation has helped increase revenue collection for the department, he added.  
However, Sema said that the State is still purchasing a large chunk of electricity from outside. The state’s energy requirement currently stands at 95 mega watts but is receiving only 40 to 45 mega watts. Maximum power bought is from CPSUs whereas the state owned Likimro plant is contributing just 10% requirement of the state. The Minister said the shortage is not because the state is unable to purchase power but the inability of the suppliers’ to provide the required amount. He added that depleting water sources has led to such a predicament. He called for greater awareness on energy conservation and urged people to realise that electricity does not come free.  Sema said that the department is trying to develop more hydro power plants for the State.
But he added that government may have to opt for higher capacity projects as the existing mini hydro power plants are producing very insignificant amount of power. He also disclosed that some power plants have shut down because they were not cost effective.
 He also said that the department is conducting a survey for setting up wind energy turbine in the state as an alternate mode of energy. Underground cable wiring is also a priority for the department, he said.  He further mentioned that the department has come up with a new concept of setting up hydro electricity project in every district. He urged local entrepreneurs/communities to come forward to take up the project.
The Minister, who has just returned from Delhi, further disclosed that he met several private companies who are interested in investing in hydro projects in Nagaland. However, the investors have raised apprehension about the law and order problem in the State. He said that State has a lot of potential for hydro power plant but is unable to attract investors due such kind of apprehensions.
Power tariff revised

The department of Power has decided to revise and fix interim electricity tariff across the State with effect from April 1, 2011. Minister for Power, Doshehe Y Sema said today that the revised tariff rate is lower than the 2006 tariff of the state of Assam; pointing out that state is purchasing power at a high while giving it to consumers at a very low rate. A notification has already been issued to the government for the same.