Powerfaith:Touching lives through music

Powerfaith:Touching lives through music
Powerfaith:Touching lives through music

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One of the most acclaimed Christian bands in Nagaland, Powerfaith has come a long way since its inception on January 19, 2003. Seventeen years later, today Powerfaith still remains very much passionate and driven by the vision to create pure inspirational music. 

Just two years after coming together as a band, Powerfaith released their debut album “Testify” in 2005. 

Powerfaith:Touching lives through music
In the following years they have released few singles including ‘Release’, ‘John 3:16’, ‘Life’ and ‘Contemplation.’

Not limiting their purpose just to singing, the band expanded into a ministry in 2004 and since then is involved in school and campus ministry. Their single ‘Contemplation,’ featuring various artists was released on June 5- World Environment Day 2018. The collaborative venture was part of project ‘Creation Care’ initiated by the Powerfaith Ministry, focusing on positively impacting the young through music. 

As the band gets ready to release their latest music video on October 5, The Morung Express shares with the fans and reader about their musical journey thus far. 

The members of ‘Powerfaith’ Chips (Vocal), Senti (Guitar), Lipok (Guitar), Toshi (Bass), Bendangwati (Drums) says that they started playing as a band with one plain objective- “to touch lives with positive music.”

Sound wise, they are very much influenced by the 80s and 90s fuzzy rock and roll style however, lyrically, they are inspired from real life experiences and from circumstances around them.

Their core value, as Powerfaith shares is “to absolutely enjoy the music we chose to do, create music and songs that will touch people’s lives in a positive manner and progressively grow in our musicianship through active interaction and participation with fellow musicians.”

Talking about overcoming challenges as a band, they say that to stick together as a band for almost 17 years has been the biggest challenge. “We have gone through thick and thin but we feel it is the love and the passion for God and music that we share that has kept us glued together,” they disclosed. 

Despite all the challenges, the ultimate direction for Powerfaith is to “make more music and impact people around to realize that God is good and life is good.”

Echoing similar ambition as other local artist in Nagaland, Powerfaith also dream of going global. “We would like our music to be heard not only locally but internationally.”

Talking about the music scene in Nagaland, the band observes that it has grown by leaps and bounds. “These days we have a lot of serious, dedicated and well qualified musicians and artists in Nagaland recognized both nationally and internationally, which we feel is a good sign of progress. Yes! In our context it is still a challenge for musicians to make a living out of music but still then we are looking forward to seeing better days in the future.”

To the joy and excitement of many, Powerfaith has announced the release of their latest single titled ‘Paraclete’ this Saturday. 

Giving out some details on their latest project, Powerfaith said that the concept of the video is based on not giving up hope in life when we are surrounded by challenges. “The whole reason is because for His believers God has given to us His Holy Spirit (Paraclete) who is there ever present to guide and see us through our crises. This is the message of the song,” they adds. In the video, this message is interpreted through a woman (played by Mengu Soukhrie) who takes the role of a struggling single parent trying to keep up with two jobs while taking care of her daughter(played by Lesi Yhoshu). “But amidst her struggles she stays strong only because she believes that God will see her through.”     

In the immediate future, Powerfaith will be performing on few occasions in the coming months. The band also plans to host a Christian Music Festival next year in Kohima.