Pre-election jitter hits Nagaland

Dimapur, Nov 26 (MExN): Acting swiftly to stem dissension from within, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today sacked Parliamentary Secretary for Jail & Home Guards T Tali from the government. This was conveyed through a notification issued through the office of the Cabinet Secretariat (Cabinet Cell), Government of Nagaland. T. Tali was likewise suspended from the NPF party along with Z Obed. 

The NPF party placed under suspension T Tali and Z Obed for what an NPF circular alleged ‘anti-party activities’. Obed’s is the second. The party, through Dr K Kath, General Secretary, asserted that both the leaders although given sufficient “opportunities” to “mend their ways” by the party leadership, failed to maintain party discipline and “therefore they are fully responsible for the party’s action and nobody else is to be blamed but they themselves”.  

Obed was suspended for the second time due to his anti-party activities, which according to the circular,  included “his several anti-party activities, he has himself revealed that he is hand in glove with the Congress”. The NPF had no other option but to initiate disciplinary action against him, NPF stated. He was suspended on a previous occasion but was lifted since he had “personally given commitment to the party president to serve the party and its leader faithfully but now he has gone back on his words and is back to his old habits of anti-party activities fro reasons best know to him”, the circular added.

The NPF gave this account of their ‘anti-party activities’: The Congress has been attempting to mobilize dissidence led by ‘collaborators’ like Z Obed, K Therie, Vatsu Meru and T Tali, the party asserted. The final straw came when Obed, in a telephonic conversation with a journalist spilled the beans on the activities of the Congress to disturb the “political status quo” in Nagaland. The conversation was published in The Telegraph November 26, 2006, revealing that the Congress has been trying to engineer a split in the NPF with the blessings of the Congress central command. The NPF alleged that Obed “categorically” stated this purpose to the paper. 

The regional party also blasted the Congress’ using the “services” of Bobby Panicker, a “dubious character” whose credibility was questioned even by the Congress itself. He has been used as a “dak runner” in Delhi, NPF stated. “It is surprising that the Congress is using the services of a person like Mr Panicker, who the leader of opposition had himself described as a mischievous character detrimental to the interest of the Naga people. Now the state Congress is in such a state of desperation that it is working hand in glove with the likes of Mr Panicker again which is enough to indicate the mental make-up of the state Congress” the NPF stated. However, the NPF and the state government will not be shaken and the question of destabilizing the DAN government would only remain an unfulfilled dream, which will continue to haunt them, it added. 

It also questioned whether or not the statement of Z Obed and other involved persons that the Congress high command had “blessed their attempts” to destabilize the government, is true or that is the ploy to mislead the people and misguide politicians to serve their “cheap and selfish ends”.  

“The attempts of the Congress and certain MLAs to destabilize the government, is not backed by any political agenda or for that matter on any particular issue. It is in fact only due to the selfish interest of power mongers whose sole intention is to get ministerial berth in the aftermath of downsizing of the ministry instead of serving the people” the NPF asserted adding that the NPF on its part, has the mandate of the people.