Prince Harry To Conduct Military Training In California & Arizona

Hollywood blondes, beware: Prince Harry is headed stateside. It has been reported that the British royal will be coming to California as well as Arizona to take part in intense military training.
According to Prince Harry's spokesman, the Prince will be taking "a handful of courses" as a part of his ongoing Apache helicopter training, which should last two to three months. After the courses are complete, said the prince's spokesman, Prince Harry will be assigned to an Apache squadron and may or may not be redeployed overseas.
The announcement of Prince Harry's trip to the US comes on the heels of his reported breakup from girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce, the blonde lingerie model whom the prince had been courting since June. Sources said the royal did not want to be "tied down" by the relationship and needed to focus on his military training, reasons that make all the more sense considering Harry's upcoming time abroad.
But will the prince be too busy out on the Golden Coast to find himself an American fling? With his taste in women, we have no doubt he could find a California blonde to suit his fancy in no time.