Protest on IRB withdrawal

The demand for the withdrawal of 9th IRB from Chattisgarh by various organizations, politicians, citizens and the wives of the IRB Jawans protest towards the government is a shameful thing on the part of the Nagas.

The wives of the IRB Jawans should also think rationally what the duty of their husband is and what Army is all about. A soldier’s duty is not to stay at home in uniform and enjoy his monthly salary but to protect and save the nation, even if it cost their life and they have to follow on with the oath.

It is also that, those demanding the withdrawal of the elite 9th IRB from Chattisgarh should know that IRB is an Indian Reserve Battalion and it is a central service.

Whenever the centre requires the duty, the state government should grant it. We have Nagaland Armed Police, Nagaland Police who can tackle and bring down the situation in the state.

I also appeal to the state government that it should take proper steps and not simply withdraw the elite 9th IRB from Chattisgarh by the protest of the Jawans wives, citizens and various organizations because of the lost lives of the 9 Jawans in a landmine blast.

Pikato Z. Chopi
Mount Olive College