From the public point of view, which issues should the People’s Democratic Alliance in Nagaland give first priority to? Why?


Some of those who voted TACKLE CORRUPTION IN GOVT had this to say:

• Tackle Corruption in Govt because it will automatically bring change in both structure and mindset of Nagas.  

• While corruption and efficiency is inversely proportional, efficiency is directly proportional to discipline and progressive development. A serious consideration for a thorough overhaul in public service is essential in order to induce efficiency in public service. As an instance, merit and performance based career progression in public service must replace the redundant principle of "merit cum seniority" which should be applicable at all levels starting from the "adhoc" to the apex level of the hierarchy. A self contributory appraisal system with independent review by multiple stakeholders can be set up in order to filter nepotism and political interference. However, these are all just wishful thinking. The present disposition are after all old wine in a new bottle - every single one of the magnificent 60 have managed themselves to get there using the same old electoral formula of money inducement. What's certainly changing however is the social fabric of the Nagas, many aspects of the naga way of life are going to be a thing of the past, some for the better and some for worse.  

• No other works will be possible unless this is addressed.  

• Let’s face it; PDA in Nagaland is old wine in new wineskins. It means nothing will change and everything depends on corruption free government.  

• It is prime most disease that cripples Nagaland development. Good and smooth Roads will automatically manifest on being sincerely deal with former.  

• If corruption in government is not tackled, then corruption will exist in build and repair roads too. Eventually cannot repair roads.  

• Tackle Corruption in Govt. If the corruption(s) is genuinely verified and brought to notice than the roads or any other development(s) will be followed automatically.  

• Good governance with equal opportunity is ensured if tackling corruption is the top priority of the PDA Govt.  

• Tackling corruption in government on war footing and the rest will fall in line.  

• Tackle corruption and good roads will automatically fall in line.  

• Tackle corruption in Government. Corruption is the reason why we don't have good roads, regular supply of electricity and water, why youths are frustrated with unemployment on the rise. Also, please cancel the backdoor appointments of all the children and relatives of the legislators, past and present. Everyone knows who they are and waiting if the present govt will do anything about it. You cannot talk about change if u cannot be the change yourself.  

• Priority: End corrupt practice... build roads because we have no road....Act on IBIs issue it's now here with us ...and the rest later.  

• Tackle corruption, IBI issue-a must.  

• First tackle corruption as when corruption vanish road and bridges will no more vanish through paper works but will begin to take its real shape...  

• Return the monies you've embezzled. If Modi can't, their hawala money can be distributed to every Naga individual. Olop to Jama hubo dei. On a serious note, if the government tackles corruption, other issues will be easily solved.  

Some of those who voted BUILD AND REPAIR ROADS had this to say:

• PDA govt should focus on developments. That should be the priorities.  

• It’s making life miserable for everybody in Nagaland and will take less time in comparison to tackling corruption.  

• Top quality roads and other basic amenities. The roads/lanes of each locality must be made to last at least for 5 years if not more. Streetlights should also be provided.  

• Tackling corruption is a long term goal and should be tackled with, but building roads and bridges should be the immediate priority.  

• Proper Roads connectivity is the main source of all around development.  

• Building of good roads and repair of roads should be given top priority.  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• NOTA.  

• Give us good basic infrastructures. Address corruptions. That’s your work for five years.  

• Empower sustainable green economy to younger generations.  

• ‘Facta non verba’ for 5 solid years.

  • Clean corrupted mind of every voter then the rest will follow.  

• This new government must now start proving its worth for to the people, starting from building the fallen bridges, constructing roads and alternative measures to tap into the resources of Nagaland, talking about checking corruption(this seems like a game played during a foggy night) is something to be seriously thought off.  

• When each one of them has got a bigger log in their own eyes how will they remove the log from other's eye? Tackling the corruption is just a far cry although I wish they really do... I think repairing the road and basic infrastructure is the need of time. It's high time we have a proper infrastructure and connectivity, quality educational facilities and solve the unemployment issue.  

• All of the above  

• There are people who don't even have cars to ply on good roads. Of course, roads are important for development but there are other crucial things like empowering the youths and attracting investors to create jobs. Youths are getting frustrated and its a time bomb that may blow off anytime soon.  

• Illegal immigrants issue, roads, stable good price in market and over price khushi khushi  

• Stop using 2nd hand power transformer and replaced it with high tech power transformer for 24x7 power supplies as well as boost power supply in remote areas....  

• Book TOYOTA INNOVA that too TOP MODEL for all the opposition MLA's instead of RENAULT DUSTER.  

• Basic amenities ATLEAST!  

• Political parties should stop using 'Indo-Naga issue' every time as their agenda or priority to fight Indian sponsored election in Nagaland state. If the state government wants they can bring all the Naga factional groups together and sincerely work out plans for a final solution to Indo-Naga political issue once and for all. Without a permanent solution to Indo-Naga political issue, there is less chance for development or employment and people are bound to suffer more and more. Naga politician are actually not serious about finding a permanent solution to Indo-Naga issue because they fear to part with authority even for few months or years  

• Build and repair roads. Roads and electricity are witness of a state development.  

• Nothing less than a multi-pronged approach for the new Government. While corruption is being addressed, roads need to be repaired and so also develop human resources etc. There are different government departments and likewise portfolio for the elected representative. Each must get to work at the same time with the same commitment without waiting for the other to show the way, since they are Lead-ers. Too much time has been wasted on building personal and family empires by members of NLA for decades. May the newest government make a worthwhile presence for public benefits.