Is public silence and complacent attitude allowing the Nagaland govt to get away from its responsibility for the crumbling infrastructure? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Just look at Dimapur. They are hardly getting 4 to 5 hours of electricity a day but they are so comfortably numb and enjoying the blackout.  

• Yes. No unity among Nagas. If somebody raise a voice, first they will identify the tribes that he or she belongs to. If they are raising their voice against a particular dept., the tribe where the head belongs to, will take it as an insult to the entire tribe. Thats the way things are in Nagaland. Even in multi-tribe fellowship (Church), it is always us and them. And people in power knows it and manipulate the public to the hilt.  

• Yes. We the public are also corrupt, since we also take part in some form of corruption, what can we say? in our homes we complain in public we remain silent in case our village disown us. so the govt are happy with our silences in public.  

• Yes. The right public with some weight in power comparatively are all fused with silence.  

• Yes. We make lots of noises with the best of intention. In a moment of heat we sound as if we mean business. But, Alas!! Matters die down with the lapse of time. We don't pursue matters to their logical end and those foxy politicians know it. They can always wait. That's the weakness of we Nagas and the govt is adept in exploiting this weakness.  

• Yes. Blame nepotism for it.  

• Yes. How is not the question though because everyone can see what is going on. The roads that lay unmotorable and dusty for a year were repaired overnight and suddenly the dust disappeared with the bumps and crater holes. Public suddenly went silent. Before Christmas all these mascara topped roads will show their true color and the game of blame starts all over.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:  

• No, because the public know that the government will not do anything because the government has become selfish and greedy. It will not listen to anyone.  

• No, because the organizations that are leading the protest are the first one to succumb to political appeasement.  

• No. Naga people are unstoppable  

• No. The Nagaland government has become deaf to the people’s cry. They are not doing their duty. The people’s silence cannot be blamed  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Silence isn't empty, the public has full of question and answer, in the right time and in the right place.  

• Maybe the people know that no amount of shouting and protesting is going to bring change in Nagaland.  

• A very complex scenario. It is a situation where diplomacy with the Government seems to be utterly ineffective. There are many underlying factor's where we the public come up short while pressing for the common good. A good research and strategy formulation beforehand would be more fruitful in the long run. Why are we reluctant anyway to come out in the street's for a cause?  

• The state is no doubt in one of the lowest point since gaining statehood 54 years back. Infrastructure crumbling, development stagnant and the govt. being blind eye to all these problems. Everyone seems to be interested in many easy money while few going down the long road to secure a steady job. There are just too many outcries against the government and they in turn seemed to have become thick-skin towards these request and pleas. The public is not silent at all but there seem to be too little follow up, until the problem blows out of proportion and the govt. placed in a damage control situation. The present Govt. with all due respect to the house has lost its accountability and credibility to run the state. "A house divided against itself cannot stand- Abraham Lincoln"