Puro clan condemn Jan 3 rape incident at Kikruma

Kikruma, January 10 (MExN): A minor was “mercilessly tortured, physically assaulted and allegedly raped” at Kikruma village on Janaury 3, 6:30 pm by a one Tsahuyo Thira, who is a government employee and former champion of Naga wrestling.
The Puro clan of The Puro clan of Kikruma village henceforth strongly condemns the heinous crime committed by Tsahuyo Thira. According to a condemned note jointly issued by Puro clan Kikruma chairman Thupunepra Puro and general secretary Dzuvengoyo Puro, the culprit should never allowed to accommodate in the civilized society and further termed the act of the culprit as “savage and barbaric”. The Puro clan further urges the concern authority to punish the culprit as per the law of the land.