Raising responds to allegations

In response to the malicious press statement published in all Nagaland daily papers date 19th June 2009, on the alleged possession of a plot of land of land within the parameter of Intanki Reserve Forest, the undersigned is compelled to issue this statement in defense of his position.

In the first place, the eviction drive order faithfully executed by the Naga Army in defense of the people’s interest is a noble job to be appreciated by one and all. Every sensible Naga will understand the economic potentiality of the Intanki wildlife Sanctuary that itself is a gold mine for the Naga worth to be protected from wanton encroachers for all generations to come.

Secondly, on the wild allegation leveled against me, I am to break my silence to speak the truth but the truth before the people that I have no private plot of land even an inch within the parameter of Intanki Reserve Forest. I hope our people understand well who are for the protectors and who are for the encroachers.

Lastly, it is a sad state of affairs to see that the mind of the Nagas today is polluted every now and then by the indiscipline mouths of those rumor-mongers who are used to tell a lie. I believe the politics of their propaganda does not sell in the super market of today’s educated generation.

What a pity!

Rh. Raising
Secretary, Steering Committee.