Rape and Immoral Practices

Rozarim Woleng

Stormy slogans such as “Death to the rapist!” and “Life sentence to the’ rapist!” were shouted following rape cases. Rapes, amidst a Christianity professing community each followed by a stormy rainfall of Condemnations, which lasted for a short while. Thereafter, forgotten by the masses within a short span of time. Except the victims and their families no one seems to care how fast the showers were forgotten. Before the victim recovered from the trauma of the incident, another incident occurred followed by a similar degree of condemning events. Sounds like Cherrapunji rain.

It is said that every rainy day, monkeys decide to construct a house to shelter them from rain, but to be forgotten as soon as the rain stops. Our society seems to have a high score in reactionary and vengeful methods in many cases. But it is a sad thing to note that we lack so much in precautionary (or say preventive) and caring measures. One thinks had our society been more precautious in regard with moral educational programs how much honors would have been safe-guarded and crimes decreased. It just does not suffice with condemnation, sentence, compensation, etc. to safe-guard our society.

Our society has had much rape cases dealt, quite recently; and we do not know how much of such mishappenings would follow. It is all too much for a Christian society. One just cannot sit still till it happens in his/her family.

For instance, the following factors can be taken into consideration as some of the causes of immoral practices and rape in our society:

1.    Influence of materialism in our spirituality leading to easy compromises.

2.    Media and individual projection of female body as a sensual object.

3.    Superiority feeling of male over female folks.

4.    Upbringing, e.g. a family that fails to feed proper understanding of sexes.

5.    Discontentment in husband-wife relationship

6.    Intoxicants, e.g. drugs and alcohol

7.    Unemployment, mainly those who do not want to work.

8.    Dress and etiquette of female folks

Preventive Measures:

More signs of cautions seem to produce more “road diversion” and overtaking. It is also said, “Rules and laws are made to be broken”. But in regard with prevention of rape in our society we do not simply have to depend on IPC (Indian Penal Code) alone. We need to take a holistic approach. The following can be some of the measures.

1.    Up gradation of right spiritual values in our Christian society touching individual lives

2.    Proper censorship of media, e.g. movies, T.V., music, journals, etc.

3.    Boosting dignity of labor.

4.    Proper family relationship

5.    Upliftment of moral education.

6.    Proper check on intoxicants.

7.    More stringent rules/laws against immoral practices in the society.

8.    Right and clean projection of feminine beauty and values.

It is felt that committed social leaders, NGO’s, Christian ministries, the Church, educational institution, etc. need to spear-head in taking in-depth studies into this matter, and come up with more practical preventive measures to safe-guard our society and we individuals need to give them unreserved co-operations. We want our society and our children to live

Secure, away from immorality and the dreaded crimes and diseases (of mind and body) related to it.