Reasons why our children should not study in Naga schools

The previous summer, August, our nice little kitchen hosted another edition of family world war. The cause of the conflict? The more our three 10-5 year old children – Googoo, Cal and Leah – attended school the more they seem to return home Bostier than when they left in the morning for their classes. It all started one nice little evening. The children were at their homework and I noticed Googoo reading out quite a disturbing load of exotic English I had never heard before. I checked her notes, and bristled – the notes were full of tongue-frying grammatical errors and unpalatable sentences even adults would not grasp with confidence. An instance of the note: ‘Where do your family lives?’ “My family and me lives in Dimapur’. Hoishe.
Queried about who gave her the notes or whether she formed them, Googoo named her teacher’s blackboard as the culprit. Just to mention, the three regularly top their classes in all the subjects, B+ on average, and the abrupt shake up in the quality of their notes was disturbing. My mom and I discussed the matter and decided that the teacher was probably having a bad hair day. I rewrote Googoo’s notes and returned to the very vital task of demolishing the akhuni pork.
In the weeks that followed Googoo and Cal returned, several times, with the same polio-stricken English. That was it.
Attached to their notes, I shot off a letter to whateverishisnameteacher, dissecting the grammar and why this-that term, noun, verb and tense bleh blah ought to be so-so. I’m no English expert but I know my stuff. Bumps in the lines in normal interactive English is understandable, even if trivial. However, school notes with grammatical errors certainly means you are on way to major time Bostiness.
Anyhow, I wrote another to the principal pointing out the matter. That the teacher imparts information of such quality, it was intolerable that the children are at all acquiring correct comprehension of the facts that govern their lives and decide their future. This is the very bad na; no body is the concern of bad English or no good education giving in the Nagaland, no? I thinking this is the very bad ho.

The Eternal Naga Government Itch
Now, that brings us to that evergreen Naga truth – our beloved government-run cowsheds across the state. Those lovely days when dinosaurs walked the earth, our teachers – mostly from mainland India – were teachers by profession, teachers by ambition and teachers by conviction. Our teachers were teachers in all sense. And even government school buildings almost looked like proper buildings. Now, even during those days, I believe 8 out of 10 Naga teachers were districtwide famous part-timers, “teaching” just to break into the termite’s nest of elected donkeys. In Nagaland, job seekers are replacing real teachers; urinal sheds have replaced “buildings” and cows are finally learning Alternative English. No prize for guessing the legislators and officials responsible for infecting our system (the funds are juicy). Here is another reflection: Take a long at the strange phenomena going on in our beloved “Christian” state today – bogus teachers in thousands, cows and goats have set up village councils in the classrooms et al.
Corruption is the only thing today working with dedication. Don’t you think it is sad that that WTF government you elected to be your manager continues to sit on its funny ass, money assets I mean?
I really love the latest conversation in Nagaland today. For example: The I-am-a-bogus-teacher-but-my-family-is-starving-so-I-have-right-to-get-my-job-back. And your WTF government? It is still I-am-shitting-in-my-pants-take-whatever-you-want as usual. Dear mercy, they are not even thinking about the kind of future they are going to give our children with their standards. Can you believe at all that our children are going to inherit dishonesty, incompetence and complacence? Nice. I love it.  
Corruption, backdoors and frontdoors exist only because somebody is allowing it in the first place, I believe. This ‘somebody’ is a Pronoun for those cartoon networks you elected, by the way.
The issue is about institutional integrity and accountability from the government; accountability to the people and society these political organisms claim to serve; nurturing the principles that encourage integrity, truth and progress, welfare justice and humanity. So who came first, the chicken or the egg? Who cares, fry them both.
They are not even thinking about our children and us or what nature of “development,” “peace” or “security” we are being given. Nagaland’s current So You Think You Can Steal and Cheat Top-3? Job, money and votes. Oh, I love Naga Christians. 65% Nagas are losers, and we have already begun breeding 100% Naga losers. Do you have children? Inform us too when they get stuck with average 35 marks out of 100% in Cl-X and land a measly BA degree from a shitty bosta-and-tina cowshed that has never seen a new nail in 50 years.  And never get ahead in life outside Nagaland because even class-10 students in Guwahati already have professional skills by the time they matriculate. Oh, by the way, this guy called Rio is a real cool dude. He must be a devoute Christian – hurt no ally, offend no supporter, order no probe in any of the complaints and allegations against many of his own seedy political associates over the years. Just please and appease everybody perhaps. Clap. Clap. Clap. Nice dude.   
The world outside our pork-smoking kitchens has left Nagaland far behind, you feather-witted, short-sighted Nagas. Silence is golden, how true. Your government is making money out of it. That, again, is your favorite mistake.  
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