Reconciliation: A new hope for unity

As per the News Report published in your esteemed paper titled “Reconciliation: New Hope Arises” of the16th June, 2009(Tuesday) regarding the Historical ‘Covenant of Reconciliation” Meeting held at Chiang Mai, Thailand some days back. I wish to share some few thoughts and opinions in relation to the Reconciliation programmed and singing of this Historical Document by our Frontal Naga Revolutionary Groups. That, I believed every Naga Citizen represents to wholeheartedly welcome, appreciate and support/pray the initiatives of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR)under the dynamic leadership of Convener Rev. Dr. Wati Aier and his team supported by our Naga Organizations, Leaders, Churches and NGOs.Kudos to the Forum for Naga Reconciliation team (FNR).Certainly, Historic meeting held under the divine animations of our almighty GOD will usher in new hope and encouragements in out efforts to achieve our goal. With the factional fighting and ideological war dominating our declining and fragile Naga Issue, the FNR initiatives has timely created a sense of oneness to carry forward our Movement to better heights.

It may be remembered; our Movement in the past has been all about achieving the goal with a common idea, but much to the delight of the Indian Government and our enemies, factional fighting, suspicions, bitter unforgivable history, ideological war, tribalism, political agos etc.. Changed it everything, everything that, we lost thousand of lives and wasted ample time. Our leaders and groups got themselves busy trying to keep the house in order, which subsequently became detrimental to our nationalism. Studying our present Scenario. Here I don’t completely rule out difference prevailing among some of our Naga brothers. But my heart reveals that, the major obstructions lies with the failure to come together and sort out our difference on a common platform which indeed the FNR has timely intervened much to the immediate need and appreciations of the Naga people. I can proudly proclaim to our enemies that, apprehensions of further factional or ideological differences is put to rest. We heartily acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of the Naga Hohos, NSF, and Naga Women, Naga Mothers Churches, Naga Organizations and well wishers in their efforts to foster peace and unity among the Naga brothers and sister.

By the recent Meeting and signing of our Revolutionary Leaders to forgive and reconcile, we pray and hope that, the Historical Meeting will manifest not only in letters and meetings but in Spirit and Heart. It is high time we start sailing forward collectively/united on the same boat to reach the Promised Land than to waste more time trying to mend our ways for we have wasted enough and more time in trying to repair the self damaged boat. The time is to “Act now or never”. We pray and wish that, May our beloved leaders continuo to strive more vigorously and live to see the Promised Land. “Long live Nagalim”

Adali Max
A concern Naga Citizen.
New Hope Colony, Senapati Town
Senapati District, Nagalim.