Reconciliation back on track

In this image released to the media, the members of the Joint Working Group (GPRN/NSCN, NNC/FGN and the NSCN/GPRN) are seen here with the members of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation at Dimapur on Tuesday.

DIMAPUR, MARCH 8 (MExN): After a considerable time during which some amount of tension and friction had been witnessed among the signatories to the Covenant of Reconciliation (COR), the Naga reconciliation process appear to be back on track at least for now with the Joint Working Group having a crucial meeting today in the presence of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR). Following today’s meet, a joint statement was issued by the JWG reaffirming that the Highest Level Summit (HLS) of the Naga political leaders was a “priority” and also clearly stating that the three signatories will “not swerve from the commitment made before God to the Naga people”.  The JWG also expressed the hope that today’s commitment following the meeting of the JWG would lead to “building trust amongst us and further prepare the way for immediate consummation of the Naga reconciliation process”.
“Albeit, we realize in the urgency of the summit, due to our finite nature, we confess that the process has been at times, stalled but not cast off”, stated the joint statement signed by Gen (Retd) VS Atem, Zhopra Vero and C. Singson, Convener JWG respectively of the NSCN/GPRN, FGN/NNC and GPRN/NSCN.  
With regard to the Highest Level Summit, the joint statement has also called upon the Naga people to keep “our hope alive through faith and prayers and by remaining vigilant”. “We must not let any coercive elements undermine our historical and political de-facto”, the joint statement stated.
Pointing out that the JWG would “relentlessly pursue the commitments made”, the joint statement resolved that a “complete status-quo by the signatories of the COR be maintained” as agreed and resolved on several occasions and ratified on October 9, 2010 at Dimapur.  Further it resolved that the “military activities and movements of the respective governments including cadres etc., should remain confined to their own and respective jurisdictions” as agreed upon earlier by the JWG on October 9, 2010. “To be sure, this resolution is reaffirmed on this day the March 8, 2011”, it stated.

‘People’s power—the way forward’

DIMAPUR, MARCH 8 (MExN): The Forum for Naga Reconciliation has called upon all Nagas wherever they are to “openly come out and express their demand for the “highest level reconciliation meeting of the top leaders who are presently available”. Pointing out that until now the reconciliation process had gone ahead without the top leaders talking directly to each other, the FNR stated that at this moment the reconciliation process demands that the highest level of leadership meet face to face to strengthen the levels of trust and to empower the reconciliation process.
“The FNR encourages the Highest level Reconciliation meeting to convene without delay so that the reconciliation process can advance towards it rational end”, stated the FNR. The FNR has also asked the Naga people for “intervention to help break the stalemate and to encourage the Naga political groups take decisive and constructive steps forward to reconciliation”.
“While the FNR acknowledges there has been a present failure to meet at the highest level, it is nonetheless clearly evident that the top leaders of the signatories of the Covenant of Reconciliation who are currently available must meet without any further delay to show their sincerity and to talk on how to together achieve Reconciliation on the basis of the historical and political rights of the Nagas”, stated the FNR press note.
FNR urges Naga public to openly come out and demand highest level meeting of top leaders
The FNR has also implored the signatories of the COR to respect past agreements to resolve all outstanding issues and differences through non-violence, respect and love. In this regard, the FNR informed that in the course of the Naga Reconciliation process, various groups at different times have violated the Covenant of Reconciliation (COR).
As such the FNR urged the signatories of the COR to immediately cease the blame game and to stop attempting to prove to the public that they are sincere while the other group is insincere. “The signatories are implored to order their military to stand down and create conducive atmosphere which will enable the reconciliation process to progress with mutual trust and understanding. The political groups need to recognize that failure to communicate to each other has often led to tensions; and hence are requested to communicate as agreed”.
The FNR has also informed the Naga public that the Naga reconciliation process has slowed down and a stalemate has been reached. However, it nevertheless pointed out that the GPRN/NSCN, NNC/FGN and the NSCN/GPRN remain fully committed to the Naga reconciliation process.