Reconsider decision to fence Indo-Myanmar border: PAPO

PHEK, MARCH 2 (MExN): The Phokhungri Area Public Organization (PAPO) has expressed resentment on the decision of the Government of India to fence the Indo-Myanmar border and abrogate the Free Movement Regime (FMR). 

“The government should be well aware that on both sides of the artificial border lives people of same culture and tradition, having families and relatives across the border, maintaining constant touch by visiting each other freely since time immemorial,” the press statement issued by PAPO on Saturday pointed out. 

Stating that villages in both side of the border have their own traditional boundaries and ancestral lands and fields across the borders with no dispute whatsoever, the Organization therefore said to fence the border means to divide and cut off families living and co-existing peacefully.  It also questioned how fencing the border can help when the objective of the GoI is to develop political, economic and security cooperation with Southeast Asia countries. “We appeal the GoI to re-consider the decision and let the people in the borders live in peaceful co-existence as before,” the press statement read.