Rejoinder & declaration in response of TTC

Reacting to the news article appeared on Morung Express 16th June and Nagaland Post Wednesday June 17th 2009 under the caption Clarification to YAA, YTC statement by Mark murekiu and K.Topan President TTC which mentioned my name that yes I was the President, Shamator Village Students’ Union under TSU and since so called Limitsong now claimed Tikher Action Force abduct Lt.Rechingkiu Rajapeo (NSCN K) on 11th June 2008 and killed on 12th June, which first they(Limitsong)made mistake by violating ENPO 18th Dec 2007 resolution and propagate by some that I am Limitsong commander which I don’t have any knowledge, in this regard the NSCN(K) arrest me on 12th 06-08 evening. And as I belong to Tikhir family I request the Tikhir Tribal Council (TTC) and Tikhir Student’s Union (TSU) leaders to rescue me during my hard hours but sadly none of the leaders could come forward to Rescue me or give any importance for my life as their cell phones were switch off to keep away from my issue.

And at the nicer Tribal Council (YTC) came to save my life and release me on 14th June. Learning from my past mistakes I, MYSELF have taken decision to join our parent body once and for all, as before and I shall be as T.M.SUSANG YIMCHUNGRO from there onwards and now representing as Deputy Speaker Yimchungru Akheru Arihako from my village for Yimchungru as a whole and if any thing happens to my life/family from the date of this publication the mentioned so called TTC leader will hold sole responsible. And I also urged all the readers of the local dailies the paper statement given on 16th June in Morung Express and 17th June in Nagaland Post were totally not true to my knowledge and reminds them that The Good Lord always protect the righteous and also request them not to mislead our younger generation with such false statement.

Deputy. Speaker.